I’d like to believe that Rick is genuinely sorry for all that’s happened but given his current behavior, I can’t. It’s all about him…everything…even now. Rick continues to manipulate his mother despite the fact that she has always taken his side on almost all matters.

There are three things I hate about Rick’s relationship with his mother:

1 – That there’s more manipulation than love in their relationship, on Rick’s part. If the character was billed as a villain this would makes sense. He’s not and that’s what make it hard to view his actions as love for anyone other than Himself.. As a villain manipulation would be the only way he could understand love. What’s his excuse now?

2 – Brooke puts Rick’s desires before ALL of her other children. It’s left RJ and Hope without a dad at times. Imagine how different things wouls be if Bridget received the level of support Rick has… the next point would be moot:

3 – Rick is the reason Brooke ended up tied to prick marone, through Jack. He encouraged her to run to that fool and do whatever she had to in order to win him back. She banked her eggs to try to win Nick back.

Brooke and Rick’s relationship is the same as Ridge and Steph’s only in reverse. Maybe the writers will have Ridge and Brooke lighbulbs go off and finally see that the people they love most have used them as pawns.

Cut them both loose.

That the next big BnB feud brewing is Rick and Stephanie is NO shock to me. They are peas in a pod.

Stunt Casting Fan Favorites

I understand why GL brought Michelle Ray Smith’s Ava back. How does Remy move on convincingly when he seems to always be waiting for Ava’s return? (If only she was back for good)

I feel like something’s missing with ATWT’s Maddie resurfacing.. What is the point of her return? What does she add that couldn’t be done without her?

Some wondered if Brian was bisexual. Is Maddie’s presence supposed to stir some awakening passion in Noah and he realizes that he’s bisexual – pushing Luke into Brian’s waiting arms?

The writers wouldn’t go there, would they? Talk me down, people!