BnB Eric and Donna: Snakes on a plane…

Don’t ask me why but it’s the first title that popped into my head during the Eric and Donna scenes.  From the dead grandchild’s funeral to cheating on the woman who is at home BELIEVING she’s going to spend the rest of her life with him.

One of his sons is home in terrible emotional pain.

The other son caused it and is the family outcast.

His granddaughter is mourning her twin.

The family is in upheaval.

Pants down, spirits up… that’s our Eric!

Can’t the writers ever let BnB characters grieve like real people?  (Ok, they’re fictional, let them grieve like decent people, then!)  Please don’t expect your audience to become emotionally invested in characters when they themselves show so little emotional investment in anyone other than themselves.

John McCook spent 20 years giving his character the soul of a poet, despite Eric’s numerous flaws.  The writers have destroyed that legacy in a matter of a year (less?).   It still stuns me when that happens.

He is a failed leader for his children.

He’s failed his grandchildren.

His skills as a consistent and honest husband are lacking as well (and Stephanie is NOT his only victim).  Eric has received far too much credit for his treatment of Brooke, which is situational, at best.

If they’d like to pull the audience back in, give us a reason to want to care about  Eric – let him  finally lose it all… let him realize what a jerk he is… let him feel, for once, the emotional damage he inflicts on the women who love him.

I probably still wouldn’t feel sorry for him, but I’d love the storyline.  It’s a long time in coming.

3 thoughts on “BnB Eric and Donna: Snakes on a plane…

  1. Here’s the thing: The Forresters were NEVER likeable. On our first episode of B&B in 1987, the Eric and Stephanie talked about the coldness in their marriage. That union was NEVER sound. Early on, Thorne shot his brother for sleeping with his (Thorne’s) wife Caroline…and Stephanie helped Thorne get away with it. The list goes on and on. Even the once-sympathetic Brooke is no longer so, because she has failed to take a consistent perspective (e.g., on whom she loves) and act in accordance with it. What was charming for a young idealist in her twenties is pathological for a woman in her 40s. Don’t even get us started on Taylor…

    The genius of earlier incarnations of B&B was the introduction of foils who brought down those arrogant, privileged, selfish people. Sally Spectra, Amber Moore, Deacon Sharpe. Sally, sadly, passed away (a fact that has been ignored by the show. Amber and Deacon were both sent away, ostensibly “out of storyline” (after their rough edges had been smoothed by too many charactere changes). The Forresters have no foils.

    There have been great false starts. Charlie Baker was introduced last year (how I wish he could have been Marcus’ father–and yes–the actor is old enough!). The whole working class Baker clan could have been the next generation of foils, especially if there were some diva daughters and an ambitious wife in the clan.

    Heck, even Lesley Anne Down’s leadership of Spectra could have fit the bill of bringing down those awful Forresters. That was suddenly dropped (although Hello!UK suggests that the actress may have had health issues that contributed to this).

    What B&B urgently needs are (a) humor, and (b) the return of characters who hate the Forresters as much as we do. It shouldn’t be hard to find someone who fits that bill!

  2. Oh My Word! I just love you MarkH! Knowing how minority characters come and go, it just amazes me that the writers didn’t make Charlie Marcus: father and I deeply offended that no one bothers to ask who his father is and that includes Marcus. What gives? Donna lied about having a child. Why? Because she still loves his father and tlaking about him would be too painful? You’d think that would be the case and the writers would tell that story.

    Charlie would have been perfect and Marcus would have a dad and granddad with Baker Sr.

  3. Oh, for Marcus, it goes well beyond not wondering who his daddy is.

    He just ABANDONED his adoptive family, and has never mentioned them again, even though he claims they cared well for him. What’s the story there?

    On sister soap Y&R, all this would be revealed….

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