Daytime Comings and Goings

General Hospital

Ever keen to display their decision-making prowess, TPTB at GH have decided to bring Natalia Livingston back in a new role – speculation being that NotEmily will be a long lost twin sister. Uh…short stunt returns for Genie Francis/Laura… back from the dead (sorta) for NotEmily. GEEZ!

All My Children

AMC is planning a heart transplant storyline for Kendall Hart Slater. Will the donor be big brother Josh or frenemy Greenlee Smythe? Assuming Josh is the donor this storyline is not unlike the BnB storyline with Storm Logan comitting suicide in order to donate his heart to his sister Katie.

Hopefully the AMC writers will handle the storyline better. The BnB writers transformed the gut wrenching plot into a storyline about lust when recent recpient Katie had sex with her niece’s future husband, manwhore Nick Marone.

Maybe there’s something to be said about having sex with a man who won’t blow out your brand new, freshly implanted heart. What can be said, can’t be good.

As for AMC, I REALly hope Kendall gets the REAL Greenlee’s heart. The character wore out her welcome with me the first time she married Ryan Lavery to spite Kendall. Greens isn’t slated to leave the show until Spring but there’s nothing to stop her from spending the rest of her time on canvas as a ghost comforting Kendall and Jack.

As The World Turns

I’ve always loved Damiangodofall men so I’m glad to have him back. The writers have a lot of work to do to repair the character and surely they’re invested enough to do it.

I can see Damian coming back as the perfect foil against Craig who will probably want Luke’s money, next. Craig has a penchant for taking on the Walsh/Grimaldi-Snyder crowd. Is it a mere coincidence that Craig returned after Lucinda’s cancer did? Lily and Holden are too busy saving their perpetually troubled marriage to help Luke or Lucinda..

And be careful grabby grandpa Brian! Big pappa is back in town and I hope he’s a Noah fan!