HOT DAMN!!!! Stuff to love about GL!

What is it?…The tiki hut hospital decor that’s getting far too much airtime? Ah, no. Two words – Justin Deas (or his alter ego ”Buzz Cooper” if you prefer.) Buzz to Beth about her affair with his son, Coop:

That boy has a mind like Aristotle and writes like Homer…are you going to take that away from him, too?

JD’s Buzz Cooper is about the finest character GL has to offer. His performance yesterday makes you wonder why the writers are so reluctant to do more with this character.

As for the Buzz scenes we have been treated to the last few days, the dialogue was great, the delivery was perfect, and Buzz’s involvement has given this storyline the depth it’s been lacking. Why is it that Buzz has to be the one to remind Beth of the risk to Coop? Beth has become the most selfish person in Springfield and the writers have finally given fans a voice through Buzz. Perfection.

I had to check the channel to make sure I was still watching GL when Buzz warned Coop that men like Alan don’t go to prison but that people like them did. . He added that if Coop was going to pleasure Alan’s woman – let him know an hour before, so that he can kill Alan before Alan kills him.

Remy and Mel

I’ve come to realize that I’ve been rooting for Remy and Christina just to see more of Remy, but there are other reasons to celebrate this couple….we’ve seen more of Mel, too.

Their sibling chemistry rates with that of Alan and Alex and Dinah and Bill. Remy and Mel just happen to be the most wholesome of the sib pairings.

Ah, Christina, all bets are off now that Ava has come back. Count me in as part of team Rava!

The Lewis Clan

Reva, Josh, and Shayne… how could we not have the Lewis family back together? I only wish the writers knew how to introduce a male character without making him so angry (Jon, Rafe, Grady….) Once Shayne is beyond the ”angry young male syndrome” I can’t wait to see more of the Lewis clan.


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