Either he’s crazy, or I am (OLTL)

I’m still smarting from Todd’s dialogue, last week.  Was it bravado?  A game played for Nora’s  benefit?  Did he mean it? What’s the deal?  No matter the motive, my stomach is still turning!  The writers have allowed Todd to jump from the frying pan, into the fire.  As much as I once loved the semi-reformed and mostly repentant Todd Manning, it’s clear to me that he must go… NOW!

It’s not enough that he raped her when she was younger and then tormented and tortured her for months after.

It’s not enough that he sexually violated her, again, while letting anyone who loved her and could have come to her rescue believe she was dead.

His lordship wants the “ungrateful” Marty Saybroooke paraded before his jail cell to allow him to proclaim his love for her.  I lost my dinner hearing that one.  To be sure, I could stand to lose a little weight, but not like this!!!!

He’s done for. This has taken it all one (more) step too far. Either he’s going  insane or the writers are showing us Todd’s devious and deliberate plan to create a ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’ plea.

If TPTB believe that Todd ending up at St. Ann’s with TeBessica and Brody is enough, they’re sadly mistaken. Todd learns about Bess and the baby switch and gives grandkiddo back to Starr and Cole? Not enough.  Todd losing his mind and waking up hating himself as much as I hate this storyline?  Not enough!

It’s time for Todd to go. Carlivati and crew have destroyed this character and there’s no good way of getting him back. Todd is now an irredeemably pathological shell of his former self.   The very least anyone backstage can do to right this situation is make a few phone calls and make sure the illustrious Trevor St. John lands on his feet as a new character on another ABC soap.  Soapgod knows that the poor man probably wants out of this character, by now.

While Todd is dead (at least to me), I don’t want to see the actor out of work, but to not have Todd pay for the willful, SECOND, rape of Marty would be a slap in the face of fans and assault survivors everywhere. It would make a mockery of sexual assault and the survivors who’ve worked hard to reclaim their dignity.

Todd at St. Ann’s would be enough to put the OLTL writers at the top of my permanent hit list – oh, I know! They’re quaking in their boots at the thought that I’m pissed off at them. I don’t think they have to worry about me, however,  I think they’ll have to worry more about the fans they’ll probably lose more quickly than daytime is already shedding its audience, if they make this story one about ‘crazy, angry, vengeful Marty’ and ‘poor misunderstood, beaten puppy Todd’.

The writers would never push the envelope that far, would they?  I dunno.  I couldn’t help but wonder when Marty started faulting herself for being a ‘bad person’ after talking with Fr. Carpenter.  He stopped her from berating herself, but the dialogue between them  felt like another of the writers’ infamous lead balloons.  Did they throw it out there, waiting to see how far they could float that damned thing?

Hopefully, Marty won’t become ‘victim worthy’ to try to save Todd.  That soap trend is dead too (or so soap fans hoped).   Remember when rape happened to ‘bad girls’, in daytime,  and it was so traumatic that they became ‘good girls’?  Some redemption plan, there.  We lived through that meme with the first Todd-Marty rape.  The writers can never again take us back to it.  No siree, no way, no how.

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