No, seriously, it’s not me – it’s YOU

Daytime is the worst boyfriend – EVER. It’s not husband material and never will be.  It will never mature to the point that you could even begin to consider a lifetime commitment to it.  So…why am I so completely in love with daytime right now? I can give you eight reasons which collectively make sense but each seem to be a little far-fetched in redefining daytime, on their own.

As I stated in an earlier blog, short of the YnR – no one show has it all together. If I could create a brand new soap, I would pull my favorite plots from each soap and offer the following:

1. All My Children. I’m torn. Reese’s secret? Jesse and Angie sharing their home with dying Rebecca (love the writers for this one and as gut wrenching as this storyline is, I want them to save her!).  I’d even take David falling in love with <GULP!!!!!>  Krystal – and I like Krystal about as much as I’d enjoy contracting malaria. That’s a huge compliment to the AMC writers.  I’d take David and Krystal even if I have to hear them uttering my least favorite four letter word over and over again:  Babe!

2. One Life to Live. I don’t want to, because it’s sheer manipulation, but I’m diggin’ J/B/Tessica and Brody. Vulnerable, frail, and brutally honest and accepting of one another, there are no head games – yet.  Oh…and they’re smokin’ hot together.  How much should we bet that Brody finds out about Chloe before Jessica does and fights to protect her from losing ‘her’ little girl (oh if only it was Jessica’s baby!)

3. General Hospital. The Maxie/Mac/Robin scenes were so unusual for GH. No one was killed. No explosions. No melodramatic calls for revenge.  Seeing this family together in the Scorpio home reminded me of the old GH.   I remembered veteran characters I once loved and favorite moments. The scenes had an honesty and purity about them that I’ve come to miss about GH.  I wanted to see Robert and Anna there with them.

GH has no love for legacy characters and storylines, it seems, but bless TPTB for having love for legacy sets.  It’s the only part of the show I once loved that still remains.  The Webbers, the Jones Brother, Lucy Coe, and the many others who’ve called that set ‘home’… how I miss them all.

4. Young and the Restless. Anything to do with Chloe works for me! I’m not thrilled about her new found deep and abiding love for Billy Abbott after all of this (she balances Cane out far better than Lily ever could).  I’d love to see Cane and Chloe make it work, but hey, I can roll with the punches on this one.  Brotherly conflict of biblical proportions… Cane (sic) and “Abel” and Chloe.  Well played, writers!

I’m also VERY exciting about watching Phyllis get dumped… don’t tease me too much writers.  It’s been a hard two years or so, watching the red menace and boy blunder rewrite the shows history each time they proclaimed their ‘love’.

5. The Bold And the Beautiful. I just posted about the stellar performances of Ronn Moss and Jacqueline MacInnes Woods a blog or two ago. Let me add Kyle Lowder to the list. As much as I despise Rick, Lowder came as close to making me feel some sympathy for the character as I ever have.

It’s always sad when legacy characters are killed, but unlike the blunder of killing off Darla and doing nothing useful with the storyline, the writers are playing this one for all it’s worth, and then some!  It’s impressive, at least so far.

6. As The World Turns. What the heck happened to the Brian/Lucinda/Luke/Noah storyline?  Writers, get back on it!  You have an absolutely unique storyline in daytime.  For ONCE, a set of daytime writers can claim to do something NEVER done before in daytime and they’re wasting time trying to pimp out Jack and Janet’s faux love story.  Puh, LEEZE people.  We get it, Carly is the kicking post, always has been, always will be.  How many more times can you tell that story and expect us to care?   When you’re holding on to platinum, let go of the gold plated.  Get back to telling this jaw dropper!  The Grabby Grandpa has a kick to the pants coming and I want a front row seat!

7.  Guiding Light.  Love them, hate them, love them, hate them, love them… <sigh>  My love for Josh and Reva is almost as twisted as their onscreen relationship.  In two minutes on screen together this couple can do what takes most other couples in daytime months to do, make us believe in them in the love they share (and spend far too much time denying).  Josh and Reva would make the cut in my new soap.  I use to believe that ‘star-crossed’ referred to stars in the same galaxy, at least.  Not so with Josh and Reva.  To be together, they have to cross time, and space, and their varying levels of insanity.   I can’t help wanting more of them.

8.  Days of Our Lives.  Another tough choice.  Sami and Rafe?  I love them and I don’t know why.  I want Sami and Lucas, but it’s a sure bet that the writers don’t.   Rafe comes as close to sharing real moments with Sami as any other man since Lucas.  On the far opposite end of the spectrum is my absolute adoration of Nicole, but disgust at her treatment of Brady.  At some point, these two WILL end up together.  The writers can’t take Sami and Lucas away and not give us Brady and Nicole.

Reconstituted daytime?  My create-a-soap format would have history, family, honor, betrayal, anger, lust, love, creativity, and so much more, all from ONE show.  Imagine that!

Blast from the past:  As much as GH has worked to try to destroy the new L&L storyline (competing with the Luke and Laura legacy)  to push a mind numbing  Liz and Jason pairing, they can’t make us forget that Lucky was there in Liz’s darkest time, he was there for her best moments.  They can’t make fans forget that she did the same for him.  This clip is hard to watch, but it’s only a small part of what I remember about the bond this couple forged.  The aftermath of Liz Webber’s rape:

7 thoughts on “No, seriously, it’s not me – it’s YOU

  1. Now, I think you know I love your blog! And your opinions.

    But really? This?

    “I just posted about the stellar performances of Ronn Moss and Jacqueline MacInnes Woods a blog or two ago.”

    Really? Are you being sarcastic?

    Did you see Woods shed not a tear in her scenes (weeping over a sister with whom she never shared a scene or storyline?). Did you understand her dialogue over her wracking (but dry eyed) sobs? Did you hear that truly cringeworthy dialogue as she stood on the balcony ledge of some Bell-family home and “reached for the stars”?

    This is being written by a die-hard B&B fan since debut in 1987. That has not always been an easy burden to bear. The show lost its soul when Sally Spectra died (which surprises me, since she had not been a major player for some time), and it has not found it again.

    I would love to find what you are finding.

    1. First, I gotta admit, I’m laughing pretty darned hard! I can’t help it, I’m a huge Moss and Woods fan. (Therefore, I reserve the right to ignore the ‘reach for the stars’ scenes… nope, uh uh… didn’t happen. 😉 You bear your burden as a day one fan.. I deal with my burden by going into denial. It’s so easy, makes life seem so carefree.

      Sally Spectra, what a DAME! I can’t believe DC is gone. I don’t know how I feel about the writers not addressing DC’s passing by having Sally pass away. There’s a part of me that loves the idea that she lives on, even though we’re missing Darlene. I never realized how much balance the Spectra-Garrison gang gave the show until she was gone. The writers never found a way to offer us something others than sleeping around, attempted murder, etc. The Spectras gave us an escape from the pathology of the Forresters. I could never accept a recast as anything other than an insult to fans.

      I’m completely with you on that score. I miss that.

  2. Okay, I’ll budge.

    Thursday was better. Kyle Lowder has been pretty good throught the whole thing, and fierce Flannery vs. fierce Lang is always a good time.

    Tylo and Moss were given wordless, quiet scenes set to music…and that is both most emotionally appropriate for this kind of loss…and it played these two actors to their best effect.

    1. Stephanie manages to find a way to blame Brooke for everything, doesn’t she? I do think that Brooke and Rick are written as twin spirits in some ways, but Rick is a pig all unto himself – in my book. I’d love to see a scene of Steph feeling remorse (HA!) for aiding Rick in his bid to get revenge against Ridge. She did more to encourage him than Brooke ever did.

  3. Wow…what a great insight. I never quite thought of it that way before: The Spectras gave us a distraction from Forrester pathology! That is exactly right! Because we often didn’t like the Forresters, it was fun to root with Sally as she tried to best them.

    Now, not only is it all-Forrester-all-the-time (except when Logans irritate us), but the show is not acknowledging the fundamental selfish hatefulness of the Forresters.

    They must find a way to restore the Spectras. Sally can’t be replaced, but her legacy can live on.

  4. Loving this blog, eh!!!! Your AMC was great except for the whining and useless Krystal. Yes, love what David is running on her, no… not enjoying Krystal at all. She makes me sick and I ffwd every time she is with any one other than David. Oh… save David for someone worth while, bloss not her!

    OLTL… Tess okay, Bess accepted, Jess annoying… together with Brody, I know they are going there, but… nahhhhhhhhhh. I am enjoying Tea bringing in the rough ripples right now… tooo good. Yes OLTL is kicking Butt and I am totally excited about all the goodies coming up in the next months!

    B/B…Well, we all know who I hate and who I love and Rick is not even on my lists. He is a little too sorry way too late and his dippy mother really needs to sit back and think about what Stephanie said. But feel sorry for Rick??? No way, he is about to go overboard and I am gearing up for some major hating. The actor is magnificent, I will give him that, but his character… is without character and truly sad.

    I read the rest of the Blog and enjoyed it, although I don’t watch those shows. It was a pleasure as always, I thank you with an adoring hug and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!



  5. So true, Outland, minus Todd and Marty, OLTL is one of the best on the air right now (OLTL and the YnR, in my opinion). The BnB is rebounding and coming up fast, but then the writers will do something to throw it all away, they always do.

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