How do you know the soapgods love you?

Thank you, soapgods!  In all seriousness, I am at times stunned by how gorgeous the cinematography is for One Life to Live!  It’s the scenery, the colors on set… and hells bells, it sure doesn’t hurt to have the hot-as-hades Vega brothers on board.  Shows like The Young and the Restless look as if they’re being filmed in a room with one overhead lightbulb.  The Guiding Light looks like it was filmed as part of someone’s drunken lost bet — ok, who lost the old GL indoor sets in a poker game?  Days of Our Lives feels more like a second generation Young and the Restless (they get TWO overhead lights).

OLTL has a very unique and vibrant look.

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Yeah, we could do this all day.  The visual appeal of this show, alone, makes it hard not to watch it.

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