A Bridge Too Far

What makes even the worst daytime villains sympathetic is that the writers allow them just that ONE moment of humanity. The writers allow you just a brief glimpse of what the character could have been under different circumstances. It’s GL’s Roger Thorpe who cried when he was alone when he couldn’t stop the self inflicted pain of loving Holly- knowing he had no right to love her. He raped her and no matter how truly remorseful he was, it was an act that could never be undone.

It’s anti-hero figures like GH’s Luke Spencer who realizes that he’s spent too much time denying the reality that he needs love as much as any other person. He slowly allows himself to stop running from the people who love him and admits, even indirectly, that he loves them too.

As much as I think that love triangles have run their course in daytime, I’d hate them a lot less if the writers would give us realistic ones. Of COURSE As The World Turns writers can only sell Jack and Janet as a couple by turning Janet into a superwoman and Carly into a superclueless sinner – making poor Jack and poor Janet miserable. All I can say is poor me… and poor you…and poor daytime.

BnB’s Brooke Logan use to be the sole sinner in the daytime universe. It looks like the ATWT writers are going to make sure that Brooke has company.

Neither woman is allowed to be happy or be right about anything for long. Oh writers. While Carly hisses and snarls at Janet, Janet tells Jack and Tom that she’s worried about Carly and doesn’t want her to lose her children. St. Janet… sinner Carly…yeah, bite me.