If you were here with me…

I would have to ask you to turn away as I said this.  Imagine my eyes, cast downward, my voice low and timid as I felt the need to confess to you the following:

Yes, they ALMOST got me.  The Bold and the Beautiful ALMOST drew me in and made me believe in Brooke and Ridge again.  Sure, they still have incredibly hot magic.  They are still the show’s perennial favorites, the only supercouple that’s ever made sense.  The use of the BnB’s most romantic wedding ever, the Malibu wedding?  It’s probably the most brilliant move the show has made in a LONG time.  Love or hate them, no one can forget the fairytale magic of the Malibu wedding.  The writers have been able to do one thing, convincingly, recreate some of the most special moments in BRidge history.  Remember this one:

What made the Malibu wedding so special to me is that it came at a time when Ridge and Brooke faced what they thought would be the worst of all life could throw at them.  How naive they were – how naive we all were.  Life – in the form of sadistic writers, had so many more cruel twists and turns to throw at them (more Taylor, nUTaylor in the form of Nick Marone,  Brooke’s brutal rape at Andy’s hands, Nick violating Brooke at the foundry, Stephanie, Massimo, Rick, and the list goes on).

Again we see just how emotionally connected Brooke and Ridge are.  We’ve seen it numerous times before, most notably when Ridge left his wife and children behind in L.A. while he flew off to Paris to help Brooke, sensing that she needed him.  Now?  They end up at the same time, at the same place, on the beach in Malibu.

By the way, isn’t it curious to hear Rick talk about how there’s no such thing as ‘forever’ with Ridge?  When will someone ask Rick who he’s pledged ‘forever’ to, and meant it?  EH!  Why waste time on Rick and his insane fixation on Ridge?  His whining about being dumped and faulting someone other than himself for getting involved with Taylor?  Back to BRidge:

If you missed the episode you say?  Click here to check out the Return to Malibu.

Oh yes, the dirty rotten bait-and-switch writing team of the BnB ALMOST pulled me in.  They ALMOST made me believe that they could and would finally let Ridge and Brooke be adults and stand together battling anything and anyone who dared to try to come between them … ALMOST.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me for more than 20 years and I realize I need my head examined!

For those of you who still believe, more power to ya’!  My thoughts are with you and I hope you get what you want.  I’ll continue sitting here, on the sidelines, not expecting much from the BnB’s powers that be.  It’s safer that way.

BTW, my pick for classic daytime couples who remind us of romance use to mean, what daytime was once all about?

1.  THe BnB’s Brooke and Ridge

2.  DOOL’s Bo and Hope

3.  GL’s Reva and Josh

4.  YnR’s Nikki and Victor

5.  AMC’s Jesse and Angie

6.  OLTL’s Vicki and Clint

7.  ATWT’s Kim and Bob

8.  ATWT’s Tom and Margo

9. GH’s Luke and Laura (though they’re a sentimental fave and I could just as easily love Luke and Tracy)

10.  AMC’s Erica and Jack.

The newer generation of couples (Zach and Kendall, Luke and Noah, Robin and Patrick, Taylor and Jake, Katie and Brad, Nicole and Ej, Reese and Bianca, and many others are wonderful, but I miss old school romance with the couples I’ve known for decades).   If only if daytime writers could figure out how to give us BOTH, old school romance and the new schoolers.  They seem to be quick to sacrifice the veteran couples we’ve loved for the sake of giving us something we don’t want… more illicit sex between partners (Brooke and Nick) than a deep abiding love between the partners we loved (Brooke and Ridge).  Sigh…

Maybe this time will be different, ya’ think?  I’ll leave it to you to let me know, I think I may sit this one out.


3 thoughts on “If you were here with me…

  1. What a beautiful blog… you make me.. a true Tridger want to see the beauty that may have been Bridge… Fantastic as always a pleasure for the eyes and an oasis for the intellect… EXALT!



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