Why OLTL owes viewers an apology…

As if daytime isn’t in ENOUGH trouble, someone backstage at OLTL thought it was a good idea to have Todd take advantage of Marty’s amnesia and ‘make love’ to her while she was unable to give an informed consent.  She had no idea that he was he’d raped her earlier.  WHY THE HELL would the writers do something like this?  Todd is ruined, for good.  There’s no way to explain away his actions.

If this isn’t enough to sicken you about the direction OLTL took:

THIS should be… Todd, with no remorse, NONE for his treatment of Marty.  Todd and Peter Manning, prince among men.

THANKS, OLTL writers.  You  SO have your finger on the pulse of female viewers – or maybe not.  This show has been on a downward shame spiral from the moment they killed Nash off to push the Natalie/Jared relationship.  Now?  They’ve even killed off the child that kept Jessica/Tess/Bess going once Nash died.  I wish there was something I could enjoy about OLTL, but the writers spent the last of their goodwill capital pushing the Marty-Todd storyline.

Is there anyone would believed that the writers WOULDN’T cross that line?  😦

It’s hard to believe how excited fans were about this show last year (myself included).


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