Where the HELL have you been?

First, my apologies, most especially to the many of you who are loyal SandF readers!  I’ve been busy with the 2008 Presidential election and the aftermath!  Second, I’ve had a great time and I’m BACK BABY!

It looks like I came back just in time… there’s the good, the bad, and the just too ugly to believe.

The Good. Oh Sharon Newman Abbott, you GO GIRL, GO!  How much have you been loving the scenes of Nick and Sharon in Paris?  How much do you LOVE having Sharon tell Nick that after everything they shared, she will NOT become the other woman?  Ah, yes, and in one little line, Sharon has shown why she’s the BETTER woman.  Great job writers.  It was a moment to behold.

It would be so easy for Sharon to pay Phyillis back for sleeping with Nick while she was still mourning her daughter’s death Cassie’s death (apparently Nick Newman mourned his daughter’s death with his pants down, what a prince!).  Phyllis has never had a modicum of self-respect, so it wasn’t exactly a shock that she would sleep with Nick the way she did.  She took the cheap chick’s route.  Sharon took the woman’s route to love.  If Nick wants her, TRULY wants and respects her, let him ditch the travesty of a woman he cheated with and then married, FIRST.

I love that Phyllis got to see Nick gazing into Sharon’s eyes and knowing that he wasn’t thinking of her.  Is Newman a catch?  Uh, no, just like his father, but given what Sharon has had to endure at the joined hips of Nick and Phyllis, I don’t mind seeing Phyllis get hers, FIRST, and then have Sharon stick it to Nick, later… Writers, for ONCE, let a man have to crawl through broken glass, figuratively of course, before he wins back his true love.

The Bad. NO!  NO! NO! NO!  Aidan has been assisting Annie all this time?  Geez.  If only we’d had an inkling that Aidan was pathological before this.  To have him help Annie stage threats and a kidnapping?  Wow, writers, you really know how to kick an Aidan-lover when she’s down.  To think that I discussed how HOT I thought AMC was.  I’m still hoping the writers will pull this one off and there’s some catch to this storyline.  HEY, don’t knock my dreams, people.

Too UGLY to be believed. The Bold and the Beautiful.  Rick.  One word, so much pain.  Any storyline to do with this guy is painful.  Eric has to become an even bigger asshat than before.  (Who knew that was possible?).  Is there some point at which someone tells Rick to give up his pity party and to stop attacking Ridge’s ‘massive ego’ when it’s simply impossible to believe that Rick can see past his OWN ego to even get to Ridge’s?

He deceives his mother to elicit her sympathy.

He deceives his father to steal his company.

He deceives his family to try to get them to turn on Ridge.

And why?  Oh, that’s right, Taylor dumped him.  He is the great and powerful Rick so lying about paralysis and pain are legitimate tactics and completely appropriate when Rick does it.  He’s free to treat women like garbage, but whoa is the world should Rick have his tiny little…. heart…. broken.

What is the point of symbolically castrating a soap character, writers?  It’s effectively what you’ve done eiwth Rick.  His incessant whinging, crying, and lying leaves me wishing for the ultimate death scene for his character.  I’m back in denial and pretending that the BnB doesn’ exist most days.  I am simply unable to watch most of what the BnB has to offer these days (including Taylor including her children in her scams to try to win Ridge back.  EGADS!)  How’s that working out for you, Taylor?

So Ridge knows that Taylor is using their children to try to win him back and doesn’t care?  He doesn’t want her? For THIS, Rick is trying to ruin the lives of his mother, Ridge, his younger brother and sister?

OK, I will admit that this scene was a teeny bit priceless

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