A rebirth in AMC’s history?  I don’t even know where to begin.  All My Children is making a quiet, spectacular comeback seen in any soap in a while.  Most soaps are busy trashing female characters and symbolically castrating its men (BnB’s Eric and Rick, long worthless Nick;  ATWT’s Jack, OLTL’s Todd and Jared – who has never been a fave of mine to begin with; and GL’s Jeffrey O’Neill – hanging on to Reva at all costs).

AMC has given us:

  • Babe’s dramatic death coupled with David’s tragic return.  How anyone expects a man with David’s pathological self serving history would walk away from this mess is a mystery.  The writers are dead true to David’s character by having him seek revenge on the Chandlers.  I would have expect no less.  Happy hunting, pal!
  • Jesse the hero becoming the target of Frankie’s unyielding anger and hatred.  Heaven help the Jesse and Angie devotee in me, but I love Jesse’s new family!  I LOVE THEM.  I love them even feeling sorry for Angie and Frankie.  There’s a part of me that wishes the hot bastard could be split in two so that NEITHER family had to live without him.   This is exactly how a triangle should be written.  Fans should be conflicted about who to root for, conflicted to the point of easily changing alliances and walking away satisfied no matter what the ultimate choice is.  I’m sure that Angie will be Jesse’s choice in the end, but if she’s not I don’t think it will be a deal breaker if the storyline keeps moving in this vein.  We know that they’ll be reunited some day.  They always are.  Laura Koffman’s Rebecca has to be the most sympathetic ‘other woman’ in daytime history.
  • Bianca’s surprise pregnancy and upcoming nuptials, while ATWT’s is still fearful of letting Nuke cop a feel or two.  I get it, I get it.  It’s  easier for TPTB to sell the male fantasy of two women rather than the ‘big scary’ of two males being together.  Sad.  The ATWT’s writers may feel that they need more time to bring Nuke together as a ‘real’ couple, but the longer they delay it, the more the audience will expect them to delay it.   Watching Reese and Bianca?  Sweet.  It was like any other marriage proposal between two people who obviously love one another.  KUDOS to the AMC writers for showing the Zendall proposal and showing how normal BOTH proposals were.  Subtle, well done.
  • Adam’s impending legal troubles and possible blackmail at Erica Kane’s hands.  So, does Erica fall for Adam before she can have him arrested and tried for his actions?  Will she become Mrs. Adam Chandler, again?  Will she take every dime he has as a way of punishing him?  Will she give his wealth to David as a way of rubbing salt in Adam’s wound?  Oh what fresh hell has Adam’s confessions opened the door to?
  • Zendall dealing with yet another of Zach’s big lies.  The writers promise that Kendall will wake up a different person.  Dare we make the ‘Pet Cemetary’ comparison in this case?  Kendall has a propensity to feed her dark side.  Fans have no reason to assume that this time won’t be any different.  I can’t help but wonder where the writers are taking this – but I can’t wait to find out.

I haven’t cared to watch AMC in so long (the fusion gang makes me want to drink bleach folks.  I’m sorry, but the longer the ‘lust for Ryan’ scenes went on, the farther away I had to stay.  Kendall has great love and respect for him, though he only ever treated her like garbage.  Greenlee decided she needed to ‘get over’ him and couldn’t.  –really, she could have just called me, I would have told her how to get rid of any feelings she had for him… you know, if she was real, and all.  Annie’s lunatic obsession was more than any mere mortal could  bear.)

Away from the freaky fusion gang, AMC is picking up steam an heading forward.  If you’re not watching?  You should be!


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