They dun gone and dun it…

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Oh no she didnt!

Anyone reading this blog knows that I LOVE Chloe (like Imelda loved shoes).  The writers, however, have finally come up with the one thing that would leave me disenchanted with Katie/Chloe, and that’s her ill treatment of her mom.  It’s not like Esther has had the chance to live a fabulously romantic and wild life.  Give her numerous options, she’s chosen to stay with Kay, and care for her, and has elected to take Jill’s abuse on top of it.  To have her ungrateful daughter show up and throw an entirely new level of disrespect at her would be too much.  The mother-daughter dynamic so far is touching, even if Chloe is a bit of a snot to Esther, and it’s real. I hope the writers choose to honor it rather than use that relationship to ruin Chloe.

Besides, Lily is back and C’MON, we need SOMEONE to make Lily’s life a living hell. Ruining Esther and Kate/Chloe’s relationship to make Lily look better just won’t do.  By the way, I wish I COULD say that I was happy to see Lily back, but I’m not.  I’m more happy to see Anna and Tyra than Lily.  Get ‘er, Chloe!

Is the third time the charm?

Just how many more chances does Gloria get to be a low life before the writers finally stick it to her?  Three?  Four?  Five?  Just how low does she get to go, taking the audience with her?   She’s not even ‘fun to hate’.  I just despise the character.

The very woman who cried and whined that she knew her husband loved her and would never leave her penniless, now preys on a woman who may have dementia?  Kevin is back to endorsing and supporting his mother’s most depraved acts?  Does Gloria give a damn that Kevin has spent years leaving behind the person he once was?  She’s done far worse to Kay than Jack could ever have imagined doing to his father.  Jack truly believed he was protecting his family and his family’s legacy. He was right in ways that even he STILL  doesn’t realize.  Between Gloria’s gold digging ways, the poisoned face cream incident she hid and let Ashley take the blame for, the various criminal activities with ‘her boys’ (and I gotta’ tell you, Michael Baldwin is becoming even less attractive as a character, in my book), the bombing incident she’s running from, and now the treatment of Kay, it’s time for this character to GO!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bad guys/girls of daytime. I often root for them to continue making mischief (when they’re fun and have redeeming qualities).    That’s just not the case, for me, when it comes to Gloria.

The writers have made it clear that you can never do enough for her.  There’s no amount of friendship you can offer her.  There’s no amount of security you can provide for her.  Nothing stops Gloria from making a complete mockery of herself, and anyone who dares to care for her.

She is an unappealing character.  She’s not a bad girl.  She’s become and unrepentant psychotic and I’ve had my fill.  I will throw a cyber party when Gloria leaves.  You’re all invited.


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