BAD Mommy. BAD!

I love Lexie Carver, and mostly because she has a way of descending into the most awesomely wicked bat shit crazy sort of character a writer could imagine.  She’s part saint, part sinner.  Thankfully, the sinner wins out more than the saint.  Having said that?  What kind of mother dangles her child as bait to make her father dance to her tune? Confronting Stefano and telling him that he’d lose the right to see his grandson ever again if he didn’t help her was just awful.  Stefano’s pathological need to wrest away control of his grandchildren away from his own children is beginning to make sense.

Here’s a thought, just a teeny one… keep that kid away from Stefano because Stefano is freakin’ evil!!!  The dude practically carries a pitchfork with him wherever he goes.  Surely Ms. Lexie has noticed.

The other thing she must have also noticed, and has chosen to disregard is her husband’s hatred for her father (hatred Stefano’s earned – Apparently ‘searing white hot hatred’ translates to ‘opportunity to work together as a family’ for Lexie).  Does she REALLY believe that Abe wants help from Stefano in winning this election?  He’d rather lose the election in a humiliation soul-crushing landslide than owe Stefano as much as a penny.  Why, oh why, do I have the sinking feeling that this move will backfire on Lexie?  Of course it will, she’s a Dimera!  Let’s assume that Abe wins. How long before  Stefano makes his move to extract a pound of flesh from Abe?  That’s when the fireworks begin.

Poor Theo, between his mother and his grandfather, this kid’s going to need a team of therapists on call 24 hours a day.   Can’t wait!

Oh, and Nicole Walker?  You freakin’ rock!  Thank YOU Nicole (and DAYS writers) for finally stating what the rest of us have been waiting to hear.  Seriously, if EJ mentions Sami one more time, I’m going to spit fire.  Dude, man UP.  Stop with whining and the crying and the lamenting what ‘could’ have been.  It’s funny that EJ expresses guilt over not being able to give his child with Sami a home with two parents.  Seriously, you should have a LOT more regret over what you did to your son’s mother. (and btw, I’d like to say that it’s ridiculous that no one notices that Sami is pregnant.  Then again, this is the same town full of genuises who bought into John Black passing himself off as Roman Brady.  Hells bells, Sami will be pushing that kid in a stroller before anyone gets it… and even then, there may be confusion.)

Gotta’ love daytime.  Women who found out they were pregnant just mere weeks ago are doing the ‘belly rub’ and wearing what could pass for maternity wear while most of the town is still clueless about their conditions.