She’s baaaaaack! ATWT-OLTL-BnB- YnR

Where to start, where to start!  OH!  I know!  I have news, folks!  You may miss the old boards from the now defunct, but much beloved, Total TV Online!  There is still a companion site (message board)  for the “Sound and Fury” blog.  You can access that site by clicking HERE.

As The World Turns

Carly is BACK, the Carly that so many fans have grown to love.  Carly is a cross between one of daytime’s greatest romantic heroines, and a walking disaster.  Today, we got to see a little of both, more of the former than the latter.  I believe that Carly has been sincere in her odd couple friendship with Janet.  There’s no malice between the two women and Carly wants to see Jack happy with Janet, for his sake, and that of their children.

The trouble is that despite her best efforts to do the ‘right’ thing, she finds herself in trouble every time.  I groaned a bit when she found herself getting hot and heavy with Jack.  Other than the family they share together (and yes, I’m including Parker and JJ as ‘theirs’), nothing good has come of Jack and Carly being together.  Each of those brief periods of time when they shared love and happiness were quickly replaced with some wild attack on Carly’s character, by Jack.  A little crying, a lot of clinging, and too much verbal abuse.

Even still, watching Jack and Carly fall back into bed wasn’t as shocking as I thought it would be.  They’re much too addicted to the self-inflicted pain not to keep going back for more.  It’s Carly’s guilt that was shocking.  That she pushed Jack to be upfront and let Janet know he was in the bedroom before he could stay her was brilliant.  That’s the girl, Carly.  Don’t let Jack pull his standard hit-and-run routine.  I’ll give the guy credit, he did score points by admitting that he’s been a judgmental jerk all these years, but he lost those points FAST by trying to sleep with Carly knowing he still had feelings for Janet.

To see him working on Carly, playing on the emotion she still had for him, and to then have him run back to Janet?  What a putz! Carly is much better off without the guy.  Jack thinks of himself, first.  He always has. If only the writers would hire an actor to play a credible love interest against MW’s Carly.   Brian, perhaps? I’m just not yet ‘digging’ this guy with Lucinda.  I think I’d rather seen John Dixon back, and paired with ‘Lucy Walsh’.  I miss John and Lucinda and their passion.  I have na ulterior motive for suggesting a Carly-Brian pairing.

Maybe Carly can distract Brian so that he STOPS telling Luke to avoid being ‘political’.  I find it hard to believe that Luke standing up for himself and supporting the Gay Film Festival would have a negative impact on his foundation.  (Uh, when did Oakadle U become ultra conservative?)  Brian needs a life… FAST!  Rather than telling Brian that she and Luke need him, it’s time for Lucy Walsh, cutthroat businesswoman that she is, to come back.  I miss her.  It’s time for the REAL Lucy Wlalsh to tell Brian to hit the bricks.   1 –  Lucinda has always had such a deep love for her grandson.  It’s hard for me to believe that she can’t see what’s going on with Brian, and what the potential impact is on Luke.  I just can’t see the writers as being true to her character if they continue to allow her to want Brian, in light of his treatment of Luke and Noah.  2 – Lawrence Lau is HOT, and I’d love to see his character out of such a creepy storyline where he’s trying to suppress Luke’s self-exploration.   Luke is finding his voice.  Brian is becoming increasingly less attractive trying to suppress it.

AND, since we’ve seen more of Kim this month than in the last several months (or so it seems), please make sure when you bring her back more frequently, writers, that you bring back the brilliant woman we’ve all loved for so long.  Kim was the victim of a mad stalker (Oh how I miss the days of the Douglas Cummings storyline). Hopefully she recognizes the signs soon, and works to help Katie with the Spencer incident.  Kim’s been there, done that.  I’d love to have her realize sooner, rather than later, that Katie has every right to be concerned.

Young and the Restless

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, my friend.  You can’t make a good husband out of a man-whore.  Remember those words of advice.  I only regret that I forgot to include Nick Newman on my man-whore list, when I included his father.  (Read that HERE)  Nick hasn’t met a woman, throwing herself at him, that he doesn’t like.  Having said that?  I can’t help loving Nick and Sharon, despite the fact that he’s an unfaithful pig.  Nick and Sharon are their generation’s Nikki and Victor (er, without the pathology that has begun to pervade the Nikktor relationship).

Short of Nick’s cheating with slimey Grace Turner, and Phyllis (serving as Sharon’s ‘placeholder’), there was a genuine love and a sense of family that Nick and Sharon shared that neither has really had with their respective new spouses. For me, Phyllis will always be the woman who went to bed with a man while his wife was still grieving their dead daughter.  Nick and Phyllis’ relationship is at romantic as a zombie orgy (sorry, it’s close to Halloween and the commercials for haunted houses are getting to me).

What happens in Paris stays in Paris?  OH, let’s hope not.  Let’s hope that Nick does penance for being a complete idiot and cheating on Sharon, realizes what a horrible mistake he made, and goes home to his real family.   He needs to be with his true wife, Sharon.

Besides, the only time Phyllis was remotely interesting was when she was a freakin’ bad girl, and during her marriage to Jack.  Outside of that?  She hasn’t had much to offer.

One Life to Live

It’s been so good seeing Viki, so good in fact that I feel guilty having this small complaint:  Are fans to believe, that in a house the supposed size of Viki’s mansion, she wouldn’t notice that her basement had suddenly become MUCH smaller?  If there was enough space behind the sliding wall to build a ginormous room, complete with on suite bath, you’d think she’d notice SOMETHING was wrong.  EH! I don’t care, I’m just glad to have Viki back.  Now it’s time to reunite Viki and Clint… We’ve been so patient.

Viki must love the relationship between her sister, Tina, and “Jessica”/Tess getting along.  Oh, if only she knew! The most enjoyable part of One Life To Live (and dare I say the only watchable part of the show?) has been watching Tina and Jessica go at one another.  The only person tough enough, and devious enough, to handle Tess is Tina, and heaven help the show if/when Tina or Tess goes.

While Grand Dame Titans Tina and Tess are tearing each other apart, maybe the writers will let Viki serve up a little cold hard justice to brother, Todd.  You’d think that Todd would have learned his lesson from letting Blair think their son Jack was dead.  Now he’s planning to do the same to Starr, in order to take her child and raise it.  I get the saying that history repeats itself… I just don’t know why it’s always the LOUSY history that repeats itself in daytime.  Oh Viki, between Todd, Tina, and Tess, you have your work cut out for you.

Bold and Beautiful

Er, what? Taylor’s back to her lying, sneaky, and underhanded ways?  WELL!  No shock THERE folks!  I seem to remember THIS Taylor, the one scheming and plotting to get what she wants, and putting a ‘concerned’ face on it.  Let’s see, she advised Brooke to stay with Eric, for the children’s sake, even though Brooke was unhappily married to the man.  Then she (Taylor) pursued Ridge, the man Brooke loved – knowing Ridge loved Brooke and was waiting for her to leave Eric.
Taylor advised Eric to tell Stephanie their marriage was over and there was NO chance of him returning to her.. after she listened  to her ‘best friend’ cry about Eric not loving her… and then Taylor moved on Eric, herself.  Now she’s telling Ridge that the fates were probably keeping him and Brooke apart because they probably weren’t meant to be together.  Taylor, would those be the same fates that caused Ridge to walk out on YOU and not look back?  Funny how those fates only work against others, never against her.  Ah, hypocrisy.  The REAL Taylor is back… the “me first, me last, me always” Taylor.

3 thoughts on “She’s baaaaaack! ATWT-OLTL-BnB- YnR

  1. Hi Norrth!!! You know I love your blog…btw.. may I add your Blog Logo to our Site???

    Getting right to the core of my reply: My Take on the reunion of Tridge!

    I truly think that as always, Wickie has been attracted to that which he can not have. Wonder where he got that???

    Taylor was vulnerable, as you say and at that time desperately needed to be taken seriously. She turned to him because she needed to be loved. Her view of life at that time was one of fire and brimstone. Her future was bleek and her feelings scattered.

    It wasn’t so much that her husband betrayed her as that she had let herself down again, believing to have conquered Brooke’s influence on every aspect of her life and… to no avail, the rude awakening came.

    Wickie on the other hand, saw an opportunity to get his mama out of Ridge’s grips and a way of keeping his brother from having all that power over his life. He has never accepted Ridge as his step-daddy, never accepted him as a true Forrester for that part and has always tried to drive a wedge between them. This was his main plan and he became so obsessed within it, that he actually got lost.

    Not knowing exactly where to place his feelings of remorse for having used Taylor as his guise, he opted to see himself as her hero, her be all. His mother was not wising up and was not seeing his whole picture, so he rebelled. He wanted her to go after Nix and nothing more.

    So, as Brooke started to try to break up this relationship, he diverted his attention into showing her that she was going to play his game to his rules, she was going to do that which he set out for her to do and he was going to show her that she belonged with Nix. He invested his energies into making Taylor strongly dependant on him. Thereby irritating his mother even more. While going this course, he was trudged with guilt and realised, it is better to love this woman than to hate himself.

    And so… he fought! But not for his relationship to Taylor, but for the comfort of seeing himself in the mirror and being able to sleep at night. Now Taylor played a more vital role… she was his confirmation that he was good, that he was all that he portrayed himself in being and she became his possession…. his obsession… he would not let her go! He would not let her think, he would not share her with anyone, she was his and his alone.

    In light of this analysis, it is a sure indication of the Wickie we will witness in the coming storylines. He is realizing that women are creatures of will and stamina. That they do not always beckon to his demands on them and their lives. He couldn’t bend his mother and the victory he thought he had over Taylor has also just shattered. He is going to break, just as his mother has done a few times.

    The way that Stephanie and Taylor’s paths are being written this year sucks majorly and I am beginning to get annoyed. I don’t wish to see Stephanie being wife to Erwimp until he comes to her and says that he loves her, he made another big mistake and would love to court her.

    I don’t want Ridge to turn to Taylor just because wide and deep doesn’t want him. Because he is rejected and Taylor opened herself up to yet more emotional abuse from him. I would love to see that he dreams of her at night while lying next to Brooke’s hot and sweaty, he thinks about her while designing and in conversation. Let him slowly come to
    the conclusion that Brooke is not his real love, let him be the one to tell Brooke that he can’t go through with the marriage because he loves his ex-wife. Let him go after Taylor and fight for her, be her hero and also her confidant.

    The men are getting their prizes without even entering a contest. That is what is aggravating the mess out of me, with this storyline… that isn’t the way things should be.

    Although I know that Ridge will dog Taylor, I feel that she is putting herself out there.

    She knows exactly how he toggles between she and Brooke and yet she feels she has a chance, because Nix is pretty much available. She also knows that Brooke pulls no stops when she goes after a man and is quite capable of holding down the Fort in two men’s lives.

    So… Ridge is slow… he doesn’t see the mountain for the trees. She has to coerce him into feelings that he has long ago buried. Still, he is not taking the bait.

    It will only be then, when Brooke tosses the Moss out to prove to her kids that she can put them first, that Taylor will have a chance.

    Be that said and be it as it may, he is going to be rebounding and only rebounding when Taylor gets him back and all the sexing and sweet talk in the world will not make him hesitate to go back to Brooke…because… the relationship didn’t end because they fell out of love, rather because Brooke has an issue which has nothing to do with her supposed love for him.

    Taylor will get hurt. She had better chances with Wickie for a happy life. As long as she played the game according to his rules…. which by the way makes no difference, because when she gets back with Ridge…she will be doing the same thing.

    I am loving Tridge at the moment, but make myself no delusion, this is not the right time for the reunion… Brooke isn’t ready, Ridge isn’t ready and Taylor is by far not ready. She needs to deal with the loss of her son before jumping into yet another unclear situation. She needs solid ground and must finally know, that it ain’t within the shadow of a man, but deep within herself.

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