Daytime $25,000 Pyramid

  • Insanity
  • Self-Inflicted Wounds
  • Stupidity
  • Losing touch with reality….
  • what is…

Taylor trying to woo Ridge back?  JACKPOT! You, Taylor Hayes Marone, are the Pyramid $25,000 winner… and the biggest loser!

Sometimes the BnB is just sheer comedic gold, not that it intends to be.  Am I the only person who heard Taylor claim that she and Ridge had an ideal marriage? A love story like no other?  Isn’t that how Ridge describes his love for Brooke?  Even worse, isn’t the fact that Ridge remained married to her all those years, while still in love with Brooke, the very thing that sent Taylor to the bottle when Ridge dumped her sorry backside to chase after Brooke?

Was Taylor feeling ‘loved’ when Ridge left her and their children behind because his “psychic connection” to Brooke told him that she needed him?  Uh, she was in PARIS, FRANCE for pity’s sake.  Ridge didn’t realize that Taylor was hitting the sauce and they lived in the same town!  Did Ridge make her feel safe when he chose to work with Brooke rather than be with her -causing her to drink and end up setting herself on fire?  He didn’t make her feel safe when, after all of that, he told her that he REFUSED to stop working with Brooke, as she demanded, and left her crying and tearing her hair out.  Did she like the taste of Ridge’s boot as she was hanging on to his legs and he left her in a crying heap in the floor as he told her he was leaving her, and ran out of the bedroom to find Brooke?

Oh dear, Taylor has put her ‘kick me’ sign back on and is lining up for more.

What a pity that the writers decided to switch Taylor’s profession from oncologist to psychiatrist when she was first introduced.  Daytime mental health professionals are notoriously bad.  Taylor has them all beat. She has dregged the bottom of the psychiatrist-most-in-need-of-therapy barrel. She doesn’t like the competition and enjoys living at the bottom all on her lonesome.

Now?  Even her most important and  credible act of self-esteem has now been called into question.

Taylor seemed to be a woman unwilling to let Nick Marone push her around as he lusted for another woman, even after she carried the child they both so desperately wanted.  Now?  It’s clear that she let go so easily because she was never truly in love with Nick.  Ridge was the man she wanted, and like Rick, now, Nick has only been a placeholder.  Ridge must be some catch in her eyes, even if he’s not thinking of her.  She’s traded a husband, a child, and now the only man who’s ever loved only her- for the chance to be with Ridge, even if it means that Ridge will always be in love with Brooke.

What gives with BnB women?  What gives with daytime women, in any case?