Big Love and Broodmares

You too?  I actually <gulp> miss John and Marlena, the REAL John, the REAL Jarlena.  There are  some soap couples you develop a love for in spite of yourself, and John and Marlena have become that for me.  The worst mistake the writers made, in my not so humble opinion, was to continue to retcon John’s backstory every couple of years.

I loved him as Roman Brady.  I love the connection he had with Caroline, Sean, and Bo – the entire Brady clan (even though it never made sense that no one realized that the man was an imposter).  John was the complete freakin’ opposite of the ‘real’ Roman.  When the ‘real’ Roman returned, the sentimental soap fan in me wanted Marlena to honor her vows, but the chemistry between Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn was too strong to deny.  The idea that they would be kept apart, just because JB’s ‘Roman’ suddenly remembered that he was a man with no past seemed unbearable.

I didn’t WANT to root for Marlena when she realized that she couldn’t live without John.  I pitied Sami when she found her mother on the floor of a dark room, cheating on her father with John.  In the end? I didn’t care.  Theirs is (or was) a great soap love, and they belonged together.  That John Black wants Marlena back now?  It should make me happy, but it doesn’t.  It won’t until real John returns.

When he does?  Maybe Marlena and John can pull their family back together. I miss the Evans-Brady clan.  Sure, we’re getting Brady back.  Where’s Belle? Shawn?  Claire?  I want it all.

Even more?  Mabye they’ll be able to focus on Sami’s insanity once the family is strong again.  Marlena will then have time to get Sami into counseling, and help her realize that it’s just not ok to become the broodmare of the man who sexually assaulted her.  As much as I’ve loved watching John and Marlena deal with their mutual attraction, I’ve been equally disgusted watching Sami deal with this latest EJ pregnancy.  In the end, who is the man she turns to?  Lucas.  Poor, hapless Lucas.  <double sigh>   Enough is enough.

One Life to Live

Oh yeah… speaking of ‘Enough’, I can’t even bring myself to watch OLTL… Todd and Marty planning a trip and possible marriage?  People, my dinner tries to work it’s way back up just reading about it. There’s no way I could watch it.  Would the writers dare take it one step further and inform us that Todd and Marty have  already slept together?  Would they have Marty carry Todd’s child?  OY!  I’m afraid to find out.

Bold and Beautiful

Four words:  Pam is freakin’ marvelous.  Which means the writers will paint her into an even deeper corner and she’ll soon be gone.  Too bad. What the BnB is missing is a character who doesn’t take herself so seriously.  Pam, toned down and medicated of course, could be the BnB’s own Addie Cramer.  OLTL’s Addie clawed her way out of a mental institution, and rather than being written as a  one dimensional cartoony character, Addie is probably the most flexible character on OLTL, if not in daytime.  She is light hearted, when needed, comedic, heart breaking, heart warming, you name it.  Pam Douglas has the ability to become the same sort of character.  I don’t think the writers see it.  I’m going to miss her when she goes.

When she goes, she may want to consider taking Taylor with her.  If ever I had a moment when I felt sorry for Taylor, she’s given me plenty of reason to want to kick my own backside for it.  Rick is the one man who loves her, unconditionally.  She wants to trade him for the man who’s been accused of ‘taking a date’ to her funeral?  Ridge has made it clear that Brooke it the woman he’s loved all of his life.  He’s made it clear that the child he shares with Brooke is the child he’s waited on because RJ was a symbol of everything he’s waited for, his life with Brooke.  She trades Rick in for the man who knew that she was drunk off her arse, and driving around town but wouldn’t get involved because he needed to prove to Brooke that he didn’t want any woman but her?  Taylor may be the mother of Ridge’s oldest surviving children, but she’s hardly the great love of his life, and she’s a FOOL to try to trade Ridge in for the man who wants to give her everything.

In the end?  I don’t see a return to trudge (Taylor and Ridge) nor a ratings dropping return to Brooke and Nick.  SO, writers, it would be nice if you ended the teasing sooner, rather than later.  Let’s get to the part where Taylor is rejected by Ridge… and then loses Rick.  Hey, she’s got it coming.


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