Why Days of Our Lives is making me happy!

Four words: Galen Gering Eric Martsolf. You can put them in any order you want, but the gist of it is I’m a happy girl, folks.  I was ready to write daytime off and start blogging prime time!  I don’t know if any other combination of words could have made me happier, right now.

I’m quite happy with the idea of Martsolf coming in as the new Brady Black.  I’ve never liked believing that Brady was off, in recovery, dealing with a drug addiction without the help of the people who love him most.  It bothered me more to think that it would be the last we heard of or about the character.  It will be interesting to see if the writers continue with the addiction storyline.  Is he coming back clean?  Hiding his addiction?  Is there more to Chloe’s return than anyone imagined – is she hiding some huge piece of news?  If he returns to apologize to Choe, and to try to win her back, I just may find myself getting ill.  Chloe moved on in about the same amount of time it took for her to put on a pair of shoes – with his uncle, no less.  Ok, I’m happy enough about seeing EM somewhere other than the horrid ‘Passions” that I don’t care.  BUT, if I’m given a choice, I’d prefer a Brady-Nicole pairing.  Brady returning to rekindle a relationship with Nicole? PRICELESS!   What choice would Nicole make between the father of her child, and the man she’s always loved?

Brady coming back for Nicole would be the splash of cold water EJ needs!  It’s about time for him to wake up and realize that Nicole is not at his beck and call.  She is not Sami’s back up.  She’s not a consolation prize.  Even worse, given the fact that Nicole is the only shot at redemption this guy currently has, I find it offensive that he’s still chasing Sami instead of getting his life together.  Sorry, folks, but the man abused Sami (many call his actions RAPE, including TPTB ).  Days is dangerously close to “One Life To Live” territory by having EJ continue his obsesion with Sami.  They also run the risk of making Sami a completely unlikable character by allowing the man who forced her into having sex with him anywhere near her.  At some point, I’m hoping that the writers decided to correct the horror of having her share a child with Ej.  It’s time to find out that just as he lied about his immigration status, he and Stefano fudged the results of yet another DNA test and those children are BOTH Lucas’.  To lovingly share a child with the man who raped you is a sick twist of a storyline that only daytime writers could think up.  (By the way, writers, I’d appreciate it if you avoided making EJ the new Stefano – a kid in every city, state, part of the globe).

As for Gering’s character, he may not be so lucky.  The only safe characters to portray in daytime are corporate raiders, lowlife mobsters, serial killers, sociopaths, and pitch perfect villians.  Sure, I’ll add physicians, fashion designers, and lawyers.  Police officers/FBI agents and soldiers?  Forget about it.  Eventually you’ll prove that you’re as dumb as a box of hair, or ‘bad’ and yes, even worse and more pathological than <insert any fictional soap town’s> biggest and most dangerous criminals.  You’ll have to show that your morals and ethics are as flexible as bendy straws, and that you’re willing to overlook the crimes committed by people you know and love… while all other people committing the same crimes are worthless dregs and deserve to be arrested.

My fondest hope is that some writer has already fallen madly in love with Galen Gering’s work.  If not as an actor, with that gorgeous smile of his, or that deathly beautiful body!  It may be his only hope of surviving in a genre that makes the ‘Keystone Cops’ series of films look like documentary masterpieces, compared to the treatment police officers receive in daytime.

Here’s hoping!  Martsolf, Gering?  Welcome back to daytime. You’ve been missed!