A rebirth in AMC’s history?  I don’t even know where to begin.  All My Children is making a quiet, spectacular comeback seen in any soap in a while.  Most soaps are busy trashing female characters and symbolically castrating its men (BnB’s Eric and Rick, long worthless Nick;  ATWT’s Jack, OLTL’s Todd and Jared – who has never been a fave of mine to begin with; and GL’s Jeffrey O’Neill – hanging on to Reva at all costs).

AMC has given us:

  • Babe’s dramatic death coupled with David’s tragic return.  How anyone expects a man with David’s pathological self serving history would walk away from this mess is a mystery.  The writers are dead true to David’s character by having him seek revenge on the Chandlers.  I would have expect no less.  Happy hunting, pal!
  • Jesse the hero becoming the target of Frankie’s unyielding anger and hatred.  Heaven help the Jesse and Angie devotee in me, but I love Jesse’s new family!  I LOVE THEM.  I love them even feeling sorry for Angie and Frankie.  There’s a part of me that wishes the hot bastard could be split in two so that NEITHER family had to live without him.   This is exactly how a triangle should be written.  Fans should be conflicted about who to root for, conflicted to the point of easily changing alliances and walking away satisfied no matter what the ultimate choice is.  I’m sure that Angie will be Jesse’s choice in the end, but if she’s not I don’t think it will be a deal breaker if the storyline keeps moving in this vein.  We know that they’ll be reunited some day.  They always are.  Laura Koffman’s Rebecca has to be the most sympathetic ‘other woman’ in daytime history.
  • Bianca’s surprise pregnancy and upcoming nuptials, while ATWT’s is still fearful of letting Nuke cop a feel or two.  I get it, I get it.  It’s  easier for TPTB to sell the male fantasy of two women rather than the ‘big scary’ of two males being together.  Sad.  The ATWT’s writers may feel that they need more time to bring Nuke together as a ‘real’ couple, but the longer they delay it, the more the audience will expect them to delay it.   Watching Reese and Bianca?  Sweet.  It was like any other marriage proposal between two people who obviously love one another.  KUDOS to the AMC writers for showing the Zendall proposal and showing how normal BOTH proposals were.  Subtle, well done.
  • Adam’s impending legal troubles and possible blackmail at Erica Kane’s hands.  So, does Erica fall for Adam before she can have him arrested and tried for his actions?  Will she become Mrs. Adam Chandler, again?  Will she take every dime he has as a way of punishing him?  Will she give his wealth to David as a way of rubbing salt in Adam’s wound?  Oh what fresh hell has Adam’s confessions opened the door to?
  • Zendall dealing with yet another of Zach’s big lies.  The writers promise that Kendall will wake up a different person.  Dare we make the ‘Pet Cemetary’ comparison in this case?  Kendall has a propensity to feed her dark side.  Fans have no reason to assume that this time won’t be any different.  I can’t help but wonder where the writers are taking this – but I can’t wait to find out.

I haven’t cared to watch AMC in so long (the fusion gang makes me want to drink bleach folks.  I’m sorry, but the longer the ‘lust for Ryan’ scenes went on, the farther away I had to stay.  Kendall has great love and respect for him, though he only ever treated her like garbage.  Greenlee decided she needed to ‘get over’ him and couldn’t.  –really, she could have just called me, I would have told her how to get rid of any feelings she had for him… you know, if she was real, and all.  Annie’s lunatic obsession was more than any mere mortal could  bear.)

Away from the freaky fusion gang, AMC is picking up steam an heading forward.  If you’re not watching?  You should be!

Hookers, Porn Queens, and Chippies, oh my!

Dear As The World Turns writers.

You don’t know me, but I’ve been a soap fan for nearly four decades.  I was a fan during the  glory days of daytime and I’m still around for what have turned out to be the dark ages of daytime.  I keep waiting for a period of enlightenment, but I’ve quickly come to the conclusion that it just ain’t gonna happen.  Any hope I had of a daytime finally getting things right (at least in your part of the soap universe) pretty much died with the current Alison Stewart storyline.

Happy Halloween!  A group of thuggish pinheads dressed in ridiculous Halloween costumes kidnap Alison, strip her down to her bra and panties, begin playing one of the porn films she made a lifetime ago, and then threaten to force her to act out her ‘greatest hits’ from her days as a porn star.  Great.  She gets to be humiliated with standing in a room full of pervs who taunt her while her porn film plays in the background.  All of this for a college student union election?  REALLY?  You REALLY thought this storyline was worth it? Which was this storyline the ‘trick’ or the ‘treat’?

You’ve officially fallen into GH-Bobbie Spencer territory.  Whenever GH needed a way to drum up a little “excitement” for the character, someone had to remind Bobbie that she was once a hooker.  Because, you know, Bobbie might have forgotten that she was just a teenager (15?) when she was hooking for her Aunt Ruby, while her brother was the ‘bodyguard’ making sure she wasn’t beaten up by a john.  Yes, she needed the reminder and so did the audience, right?  Bobbie had to be dragged through the mud for the sake of another character getting through an occasional cheap shot.

What you’ve done to Alison falls far BELOW the Bobbie Spencer threshold.  You presented an image of a young woman who was sexually intimidated and physically harassed and threatened.  Oh that’s right, because of her involvement in a school election calls for it.  Nothing’s too extreme a response for this storyline.  Brilliant! … only not anything close to brilliant.

I haven’t been big on the ‘school election’ storyline for Nuke.  It’s felt every bit as juvenile and yawn producing as anything I’ve seen in daytime.  I’ve waited for you, dear writers, to get a clue and make Nuke a front burner couple with a steaming hot romance.   You, instead, they’re getting less nooky than the 90120 crowd and you’ve decided to add the ‘adult’ content to the school election storyline in a way that bastardizes the notion of ‘adult’ content and horrifies viewers like me.  Alison’s assault and intimidation set to the porn film soundtrack?  Not cool.

Even more?  The focus of this storyline is more clearly centered around Alison and Casey and the Nuke storyline has become secondary to it.  I’m not upset to see Alison in another major storyline, the actress in the role deserves all the airtime you can give her.  I just hate that it’s one more distraction from the Nuke storyline and it’s one more storyline that makes a mockery of Alison.

Alison has been the butt of writers’ jokes (sometimes subtle jokes) for some time now (including her wedding night when Aaron was so ‘shocked’ that Alison was so experienced in bed).  Give it up, writers, give it up.
Here’s what I propose.  Grab a calender.  Check the date.  Watch something other than the show’s dailies.  Take a look at women in the news.  Take a lookat this election cycle for the past 2 years.  Figure out where women are in society and how they live and then STOP WRITING for viewers, most especially female viewers, as if we’re time has stood still.  Even General Hospital had to give up the tendency to drag out Bobbie Spencer’s past as a hooker whenever they were short on storylines.

If I want to see women treated in demeaning and misogynistic ways, I’ll tune in to Mad Men (a more wildly entertaining show, which somehow, while set in the early 60s, still manages to show women with more power and dignity than most women in daytime in 2008).  Shame on you!


Viewer checking out the available cable options more and more these days.

Souped Up!

It’s probably NOT a good thing when your show is the target of “The Soup”.  For the uninitiated, The Soup is an E! Channel show that mocks all the worst in television

Donna being smeared with honey, by Pam.  This is the second Donna clip in the series.  There was a clip of Donna and ‘Honeybear’ with was met with the host’s comment about Donna and some creepy old dude.  Nice going there, PTB!

Ridge and Rick’s fight

Other clips?  Taylor and her gin/vodka swilling scenes, Constantine’s intro

and others.  The B&B is a favorite target of ‘The Soup’.  So is the old adage true that even bad publicity is better than no publicity at all?

The Odd Coupling – Bold and Beautiful

Eric wants Stephanie AND Donna to live with him? PLEASE, say it ain’t so  – let’s hope it’s just an ugly rumor.  Just a reminder writers, you’ve done this to us before.  Thorne asked Macy and Karen to live with him until he could decide which woman he wanted to spend his life with – ultimately choosing Macy.
I’m glad to know that the writers won’t let pesky little things like the changing times, or advances in women’s rights, hold them back.  It’s not bad enough that Stephanie has been written as the ‘older woman’ (i.e. woman his age) that Eric goes back to when he can’t have the young chippie he wants, it’s not bad enough that there was the ‘lose weight if you want him to love you’ storyline… no… the writers compound the sin of dragging Stephanie into the depths of soap hell by having her live in the same house as her ex-husband and the woman who crawled into her bed days after she left home to clear her head.

In the immortal words of Hall and Oates, “I can’t go for that, no-o–o, no can do”!

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ABC: doing what it does best!

No one pulls a storyline out of their…. er… out of left field like ABC soaps!

All My Children – Betrayals come in threes!

I’ve never been in this situation before, so you’ll have to forgive me if this is no big deal and it’s all much ado about nothing, but is it common for a woman’s husband to donate sperm to impregnate her sister for the sake of allowing said sister and her partner to become parents?  What — the— ****?  My brother-in-law has helped me move before.  I forced him to take a gas card as compensation. That’s the ONLY exchange we’ve ever had.  It’s the ONLY exchange we’ll EVER have.  Soapgod love crazy soap characters!

I’m sure we’re supposed to think of Zach as having a HUGE heart and as being kind and loving toward Bianca.  The trouble is that his actions weren’t exactly kind and loving toward his wife.  Where, and at what point, was he going to tell Kendall?  As I understand it, the backstory is that he donated his DNA on an off screen European visit to his sister-in-law and her girlfriend, Reese, this past summer.   Neither Binks, nor Zach, thought it was important to share that bit of news?  What happens with Miranda and the new kid? Their fathers are/were brothers.  Does anyone plan to share that news with the kids?  Will Zach allow Miranda to believe that she is his father, too?  His children are double related all the way around.  New baby is the 1/2 sibling of Miranda, and a 1/2 sibling to his child with Kendall.  Kendall is Bianca’s 1/2 sibling.  Kendall is taking care of Ryan’s child Emma, and is the mother of his son, Spike (making Emma and Spike 1/2 sibs)

Clearly, I’m speaking only in terms on DNA.  Emotionally, they’re all connected and bonded as family, regardless of the DNA contributions. Maybe that answers my “what happens” question.  They’ll just all be one big happy family… but C’MON.  At least half of those kids are going to have to disappear, at some point, while new characters are brought to screen.  They won’t be able to date, otherwise.  The Lavery-Montgomery-Hart/Slater children are more than half of the child population of Pine Valley, now.  Methinks Zach will soon be wishing that the only thing he gave Bianca in Europe was a bouquet of flowers.  MEN!

Why wouldn’t Bianca and Reese find a donor in Europe?  Why not find a donor, and preferably not an in-law, from Reese’s family?  What kind of man are we to believe Zach to be, after this?  What kind of sister is Bianca?  In terms of sheer soap drama, this is DELICIOUS (oh yeah, ALL CAPS).  The question remains, who’s left standing at the end of this circle of betrayal?  Betrayed by her sister AND her husband, who had to know that she would have wanted to be in on this decision?  I don’t know what sort of woman comes back when Kendall wakes up, but I sure hope she’s the ass kicking kind, because this storyline makes it clear that there are a couple of asses in need of kicking, folks!

Speaking of betrayals, what would make Jesse believe that it was ok to marry Angie again, letting her believe he’d lived a solitary life without her, and only NOW tell her about his other “wife”and child?  Hey there writers, again, DELICIOUS, but our Jesse Hubbard was never a coward.  He would have told her right away.  Knowing that Laura Koffman is the role of “Rebecca” and that there will be fire works between the two women has me on the edge of my seat.  (Shame on you, OLTL, for not bringing LK back, yourselves!).  I’m planning to not miss a single moment of the Oct. 28th meeting.  NO!  I’m not anxious to see two women battle.  I’m hoping the fireworks sparked will include a fight about who gets first dibs joining Kendall in kicking boo-tay!  I’ve loved Jesse from the day the character aired, but he’s got it coming.  He not only left Angie and Frankie, but when he returned, he returned full of lies, deserting yet another family in the process.  Who does he think he is?  Adam Chandler?

Outside of AMC’s onscreen shenanigans, what do YOU think about the off screen news of Rebecca Budig leaving AMC?  After a much hyped return, it must be a huge blow to TPTB who heralded the return of the “REAL” Greenlee.  Since I enjoyed the recast and the depth Sabine Singh gave the character, I’m not exactly upset by the embarrassment TPTB must be feeling at this point.  I have only one request.   When Greenlee goes, have her take Annie and Ryan with her.  I would have asked that Babe, Krystal, and Kendall hit the bricks, too, but NOW?  Hell, I can’t wait for Kendall to wake up and find out what her husband and sister have done with her.  Babe is already gone and we got David back in her place (uh -YAY!), and Krystal and Erica going at it over Adam?  Ok, I’m intrigued!

General Hospital

Not for nuthin’ because I’ve already mentioned it, just briefly, but what’s the freakin’ deal with Olivia and Connie/Kate?  Did Connie-Kate ever warn Olivia that she was going to get back together with her father’s child?  Did she tell her cousin only after the accepted proposal and impending wedding?  So many levels of betrayal.    Connie-Kate betrays Olivia (who seems to not be as shaken up by it as she should have been).  Connie-Kate betrays Sonny by keeping Olivia’s secret.  Olivia betrays Sonny by keeping him from his child.  Olivia betrays her son (who won’t turn out to be Spinelli after all) by keeping his paternity from him.  Sonny betrays us all, leaving viewers to scratch their heads.  Fans  thought Sonny had only recently become lax with birth control.  It’s been a life long habit for the guy.  Who knew?

Sonny’s punishment for his inability to keep his pants zipped, and for being unable to protect the women who are foolish enough to love and trust him?  Yes, that’s right, Claudia  Zacharra… fitting.  How long before Claudia bears the man a child, too?

Fans aren’t disgusted by characters betraying one another, we look forward to it.  It only upsets us when the writers treat it as ‘no big deal’.  These people have been gazing into one another’s eyes, whispering sweet nothings (alternated by times of condemning and judging one another) — and lying all the while.  Well played, bitches, well played.  Writers? DO SOMETHING, make it count!

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Oh no she didnt!

Anyone reading this blog knows that I LOVE Chloe (like Imelda loved shoes).  The writers, however, have finally come up with the one thing that would leave me disenchanted with Katie/Chloe, and that’s her ill treatment of her mom.  It’s not like Esther has had the chance to live a fabulously romantic and wild life.  Give her numerous options, she’s chosen to stay with Kay, and care for her, and has elected to take Jill’s abuse on top of it.  To have her ungrateful daughter show up and throw an entirely new level of disrespect at her would be too much.  The mother-daughter dynamic so far is touching, even if Chloe is a bit of a snot to Esther, and it’s real. I hope the writers choose to honor it rather than use that relationship to ruin Chloe.

Besides, Lily is back and C’MON, we need SOMEONE to make Lily’s life a living hell. Ruining Esther and Kate/Chloe’s relationship to make Lily look better just won’t do.  By the way, I wish I COULD say that I was happy to see Lily back, but I’m not.  I’m more happy to see Anna and Tyra than Lily.  Get ‘er, Chloe!

Is the third time the charm?

Just how many more chances does Gloria get to be a low life before the writers finally stick it to her?  Three?  Four?  Five?  Just how low does she get to go, taking the audience with her?   She’s not even ‘fun to hate’.  I just despise the character.

The very woman who cried and whined that she knew her husband loved her and would never leave her penniless, now preys on a woman who may have dementia?  Kevin is back to endorsing and supporting his mother’s most depraved acts?  Does Gloria give a damn that Kevin has spent years leaving behind the person he once was?  She’s done far worse to Kay than Jack could ever have imagined doing to his father.  Jack truly believed he was protecting his family and his family’s legacy. He was right in ways that even he STILL  doesn’t realize.  Between Gloria’s gold digging ways, the poisoned face cream incident she hid and let Ashley take the blame for, the various criminal activities with ‘her boys’ (and I gotta’ tell you, Michael Baldwin is becoming even less attractive as a character, in my book), the bombing incident she’s running from, and now the treatment of Kay, it’s time for this character to GO!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bad guys/girls of daytime. I often root for them to continue making mischief (when they’re fun and have redeeming qualities).    That’s just not the case, for me, when it comes to Gloria.

The writers have made it clear that you can never do enough for her.  There’s no amount of friendship you can offer her.  There’s no amount of security you can provide for her.  Nothing stops Gloria from making a complete mockery of herself, and anyone who dares to care for her.

She is an unappealing character.  She’s not a bad girl.  She’s become and unrepentant psychotic and I’ve had my fill.  I will throw a cyber party when Gloria leaves.  You’re all invited.

BAD Mommy. BAD!

I love Lexie Carver, and mostly because she has a way of descending into the most awesomely wicked bat shit crazy sort of character a writer could imagine.  She’s part saint, part sinner.  Thankfully, the sinner wins out more than the saint.  Having said that?  What kind of mother dangles her child as bait to make her father dance to her tune? Confronting Stefano and telling him that he’d lose the right to see his grandson ever again if he didn’t help her was just awful.  Stefano’s pathological need to wrest away control of his grandchildren away from his own children is beginning to make sense.

Here’s a thought, just a teeny one… keep that kid away from Stefano because Stefano is freakin’ evil!!!  The dude practically carries a pitchfork with him wherever he goes.  Surely Ms. Lexie has noticed.

The other thing she must have also noticed, and has chosen to disregard is her husband’s hatred for her father (hatred Stefano’s earned – Apparently ‘searing white hot hatred’ translates to ‘opportunity to work together as a family’ for Lexie).  Does she REALLY believe that Abe wants help from Stefano in winning this election?  He’d rather lose the election in a humiliation soul-crushing landslide than owe Stefano as much as a penny.  Why, oh why, do I have the sinking feeling that this move will backfire on Lexie?  Of course it will, she’s a Dimera!  Let’s assume that Abe wins. How long before  Stefano makes his move to extract a pound of flesh from Abe?  That’s when the fireworks begin.

Poor Theo, between his mother and his grandfather, this kid’s going to need a team of therapists on call 24 hours a day.   Can’t wait!

Oh, and Nicole Walker?  You freakin’ rock!  Thank YOU Nicole (and DAYS writers) for finally stating what the rest of us have been waiting to hear.  Seriously, if EJ mentions Sami one more time, I’m going to spit fire.  Dude, man UP.  Stop with whining and the crying and the lamenting what ‘could’ have been.  It’s funny that EJ expresses guilt over not being able to give his child with Sami a home with two parents.  Seriously, you should have a LOT more regret over what you did to your son’s mother. (and btw, I’d like to say that it’s ridiculous that no one notices that Sami is pregnant.  Then again, this is the same town full of genuises who bought into John Black passing himself off as Roman Brady.  Hells bells, Sami will be pushing that kid in a stroller before anyone gets it… and even then, there may be confusion.)

Gotta’ love daytime.  Women who found out they were pregnant just mere weeks ago are doing the ‘belly rub’ and wearing what could pass for maternity wear while most of the town is still clueless about their conditions.