Did you know…

that if you’re an adoptive mother, your child will never fully bond with you?  No siree, it’s not like you’re a REAL mom, or anything.  Just as the Bold and the Beautiful’s writers!  Taylor’s son, a child she had little problem bonding just weeks before has suddenly found her intolerable.  In fact, while she is his birth mother, it’s his biological mother with whom he laughs and smiles and whose eyes he gazes lovingly into.  Yup.  Eight months old and that kid is able to discern which woman carries his DNA.  RIGHT.  Great message there, writers.  So Taylor will now give up custody of her child, to a woman she hates – his bio mom, and just walk away.  She’s a psychiatrist for pity’s sake.  To have us believe that she’s attributing the child’s newly developed constant crying to his realization that she can’t be his ‘real’ mom just makes me queasy.

THIS from a show that makes it possible for a young woman to fall in love with her brother just days after finding out they don’t share DNA.

THIS from a show that had a mother sleep with BOTH of her daughter’s husbands and sends them home to ‘love’ her and ‘care’ for her daughter after she’s either slept with them or met with them in secret to profess her love.

I told you guys, when the BnB is naughty, it’s FANTASTIC.  When it’s bad… it’s REALLY bad -sucks the big one bad!

Thank goodness I have Bridget Forrester and Owen Knight to keep me distracted from the rest of the show.

Did you know… that if you’re a hiker and you use a GPS device, ATWT’s Holden Snyder has you beat!?!?!?  You’re a rank amatuer!  Yeah, because Holden Snyder has apparently had a GPS implanted in his penis – yes, a P-GPS!  How else do you explain his ability to track down vulnerable women and start seducing them?  I was HORRIFIED that the man tried to take Lily to bed, today.  They’ve been back together for what?  Five minutes?  Send the kids off to the park – including Ethan, fresh from his climb out of a deep hole where he was trapped for days, and get your freak on?  Holden is as deep as a puddle.
Too bad Meg is his sister.  Apparently Holden’s  P-GPS only works on women he wants to sleep with, so that rules poor vulnerable kidnapped Meg out (unless the BnB writers take over and have Holden find out that Meg isn’t his sister and then WATCH OUT James Stenbeck – you maginificent bastard).  Holden would be able to track down James and Meg down.  There would be no place for him to hide her.
Did you know that GL’s Olivia was a cheapskate?  I had no clue.  How BIZARRE that she knows that Natalia has not a cent to her name but would ‘hire’ a legal shark to represent Rafe.  The only thing is… Olivia didn’t ‘hire’ him, she merely sent him in Natalia’s direction and expected her to pay the attorney’s fees… um, DUH!  How was Natalia supposed to do that?  I hate this plot point because it takes the one truly generous thing Olivia’s done in quite some time and makes it pretty much worthless.

By the way… have Lizzie, Beth, and Alex decided that Rafe isn’t part of the family now that Gus is dead?  What’s to stop them from pulling the powerful Spaulding strings and getting that kid released?  The Spauldings have escaped prosecution from every crime imaginable, and not one of those princesses has been to see Rafe in prison.  I’m guessing Rafe is in Peapack Prison and the rest of his family is still in Springfield.  Do they all exist on the same plane?  You wouldn’t know it from this show.

Now Daisy has to pimp herself out, again, and this time to save Rafe.  What’s the exchange rate for one top notch long loved character like Harley?  Harley leaves and 18 year old Daisy will become the newest sensation on the Springfield PD?  NOT-HARDLY, writers… Please, STOP!  We have Marina, who looks all of 16, pretty much running the police force, and now Daisy joins her?

I don’t think GL writers could destroy this show any more, if they tried.  In fact, I WISH they were trying… it could only be an improvement.

Did you know that GH’s Carly Corthinthos’ soul mate has NEVER been Jax or Sonny?  Indeed!  Her soul mate is Kate “Connie’ Howard’s cousin, Olivia.  I couldn’t get enough of watching Carly and Olivia bond over their snarky disdain for ‘Little Connie’.  What fresh hell has GH wrought on the good people of Port Chuckles, to have paired Carly and Olivia as fast friends?  Who do I send the thank you card to?   Does anyone doubt that they’ll be as bitter rivals as they are fast friends in no time at all?  As much as I like Sonny and Kate as a couple -yeah, I can’t explain it I just do, there’s something intriguing about the thought of these two women making their wedding day a complete and utter disaster that makes me want to tune in to see what will happen next!


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