Live blogging the BnB 8/28/08

I’m sorry, is Donna clutching a bear shaped bottle of honey and crying over Eric, her ‘honeybear’?  Why? Writers, WHY?  That’s about as hokey as it gets.

YAY, Betty White! 

Boo, setting Pam up to be the bad guy!  Too easy… too much of a cop out!

Update 1:  DRAT!  Look at how fantastic Pam looks.  She’s just perfect.  How could the writers set poor Pam up to be the attacker.  I’d trade Pam for Donna ANY day of the week.  (Sorry, JG!).  Looks like some BnB fans feel the same way.  Check out the ‘rooting for the bear’ thread at the official BnB board.

Update 2:  Owen and Donna?  I can’t tell you how ill this couple makes me.

Update 3: and I remind you:





So WHY do the two hottest and smartest cops in daytime need OWEN’S help?  Geez!

Update 4:  Sure, Owen, master investigator, master chef…  Eh, I guess we could be stuck watching Nick paw Katie and having them cry about their baby.

Update 5: Donna really makes me want to see Pammy win this round.  Donna’s always in bitchy head cheerleader mode. 

Update 6:  WTF?  Is OWEN actually driving an LAPD police car?    I wish I could be excited about this episode, don’t know why I’m not.

Update 7:  Hey, haven’t we seen Stephanie holding that double barrel shotgun in the past?


One thought on “Live blogging the BnB 8/28/08

  1. I have to agree with you Norrth, this is just too unBEARable… excuse the pun! I mean.. why would anyone try to convince me, that Donna is actually loving her husband, yet dancing in the dark with Owen… she can issue her NO Stephanie visiting orders… but at least she should be there.

    She finds out that her husband was poisoned, runs out and goes directly to the police dept. to see the accused. What would have been better was, that she ran to Erwimp and told him how stupid she was for believing in Owen in the first place. Checking to see how he is, holding his hands and telling him that she loves and needs him.

    Funny, Stephanie did all that… AS SOON AS SHE GOT BACK FROM EUROPE, bringing in some competence!

    Loved Pam with the old Big-Bear-Shot-Gun… if there is anything a Douglas can do right, it is scaring the living daylights out of a Logan… Lowgone with a big gun in her face! LMBO!!!

    Will miss Pam, although she has carried this vendetta a bit too far, she has always made me laugh. What is a little humour in love and war? Oh, can’t wait for Pooh Bear to attack his honey… nice closing for a class act! Bye Pammy, it has been wonderful!

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