Live Blogging the BnB – 8/21/08

WHOA THERE!  There African-American actors on the screen at one time?  How’d that happen?  WTG, BnB.  NOW, here’s how we keep the Bakers around:

Is it possible that STEPHEN Logan has taken up with Storm left off? Has Stephen decided to rid the world of the Forresters? He’s flashing back to finding his tacky daughter and the old hornybear, Eric, on the sofa (can’t believe it hasn’t been replaced). Is all what it seems or is there more to it?

I’d love it, since it would give the Baker father-son duo more time on air, too.

Update 1:  If Eric’s levels were through the roof, why it’d take the hospital so long to find it?  Especially since he had a heart attack.

Update 2:  Why WOULDN’T the Forrest sibs distrust Donna?  (and Owen?).  Like the way Brooke looked at Steph and said that the police were at ‘her’ house?  Slip of the tongue?

Update 3:  Is there anything Beth Logan won’t excuse?  Is there anything Stephen Logan won’t whine about?

Update 4:  Flashing on the Forrester faces while Donna panics and goes wild defending herself?  A little melodramatic.  Funny, actually.  All we need are torches and pitchforks for the villagers.

Update 5:  It’s too bad Owen and Donna aren’t guilty.  I’m done with Owen and his Donna fixation.  I could love them as a couple… but only if they leave town IMMEDIATELY after getting together.

I loved the huge cast scene.  It’s been a while since we had something like that – a scene that advanced the drama forward, had some action to it.  BRAVA/O writers!


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