Live Blogging the BnB – 8/20/08 (Spoiler Alert)

WOW I love the explosive chemistry between Marcus and Owen.  It’s the best thing that’s happened on this show in a while.  Marcus, defending his mother… Owen, hoping to defile her.  The two men at war.

Update 1:  Ridge believes he’s wrong about Donna.  Drags the Forrester Sibs along with him to forgive her.  Soon, he’ll find out he’s right.  Love that.

Update 2:  Ruh roh, Bridget’s wearing glasses… must mean she’s smart.  I hate it when soaps do something so silly.  Women can’t be smart without a lab coat and a pair of wire rims?

Update 3:  Damn you, Marcus, you almost make me want to root for your mother… and then she speaks.  Good going there, Donna.  Tell Owen everything.

The spoilers suggest that Pam is the guilty party and that Owen will be free and clear of trying harming Eric.  Too bad.  It would be interesting if Pam was falsely accused and the family later learns that Owen WAS the guilty party.  Otherwise?  Nothing he’s done so far makes sense.

Hey, whatever happened to those tight sweaters WH’s Thorne use to wear?  Marcus and Owen are sporting a little too much fabric, these days. 

LOVE the Forrester sibs.

Good work so far, writers.


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