Guiding Light: Redeeming “G”

Kill me.  KILL ME NOW!  This blog could be closed out in just 10 short words: The man is an unrepentant killer.  There is no redemption!

How insulting is the idea that somehow, Daisy and Grady will be happy together if they could only ‘just make up’ for what they’ve done to Tammy (uh, yeah, that would be mowing her down with a two ton vehicle – causing her death)?  How insulting is it that we’re to believe that they’ll drag the rest of the Peapack-Springfield into their light-hearted post-murder merry making?  Their ‘pure love’ will show the town of Peapack-Springfield that anything is possible.  I’ll concede the point, eventually the town will probably cave in and forgive ‘G’.  Why?  Because they’re fictional and have no choice.  The writers will force G ladden happiness on them.

For many of us with free will, this storyline is crap from start to finish. I didn’t like Tammy, not even a little, and I can’t stand this storyline.  Cyrus thinks that having G fix Cassie’s doorknob is a good idea?  Stupid, utterly utterly stupid.  That Cassie didn’t throw Cyrus out immediately?  Stupid   Whatever the writers wanted the viewers to take away from the scene, I was left wondering why Cassie didn’t call Josh back, or ask Jeffrey to fix the lock, why couldn’t she call a locksmith?  Accept the friendship of a man who wants you to forgive and embrace the man who killed your daughter?  This just a day after the man escaped prosecution because his girlfriend, her niece, lied on the stand to protect him.  Cassie’s wound is pretty fresh and Cyrus thinks having Grady in Cassie’s home is a good idea?

If this storyline was about learning to forgive and how it benefits the person who releases the anger and hatred I could almost tolerate it.  It’s not.  It’s about a half-baked romance between two mixed up people whose constant clinging to the role of ‘outsider’ is starting to grate on fans.  Daisy is an outsider only because she chooses to be.  For every person who has disappointed her, she has another three or four who are willing to walk through fire as proof of their love for her.  Grady is an outsider because he chose to accept money to terrorize women and accepted a  murder for hire assignment meant for Jonathan.  I just can’t take one more scene in which they paint themselves as the world’s greatest victims.

This storyline is testing the sanity of three groups:  The characters – who are looking pretty bat crap crazy, the viewers – who are looking pretty fatigued and tired of the insanity in the writing, and the writers (see ‘the characters’).

The only thing worse than Daisy and G’s relationship and redemption is the Rafe/Daisy/G triangle coming up.  Fellow GL viewers, we must have shared some pretty mucked up past life karma to be stuck with the show’s downward spiral, right now.


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