The devil (in high heels) made him do it

I was torn between the above title and this one: “The Storyline We’re Still Waiting For”  (about Nick and Jackie Marone, that is).

Well played, BnB writers, well played!  I can’t imagine that there’s one Bridge Forrester fan out there who isn’t fuming right now, wondering if it’s wrong to want to a ficitional character to be castrated!  Nick Marone 0s certainly a deserving target, if it’s not.  The evidence, you ask?  If you’re not a BnB viewer, the man is talking about a one night stand he had with his wife’s aunt – one he’s been lying about since it happened:

How does the jerk wad follow that up?  With THIS (Thanks, TVMegasite, for the transcript):

Katie: I don’t care if it’s wrong. I can’t regret the fact that I’m having your baby.

Nick: Well, if it’s wrong, then I’m guilty, too.

Katie: You really mean that?

Nick: (Sighs) I’d be lying if I didn’t say this confused me at first. (Clears throat) you know, I–

Nick: It should have felt wrong to me, and it didn’T. And I should have feared all the complications that we now face, and I didn’T. I was wondering why. (Laughs) why? You know, when you were on that island sick, and I was there with you… (sighs) my prayer was that before you died, you’d know how I felt.

Can someone tell me how Katie, pimping a Bridget-Nick reunion to Nick, drinking scotch and putting a puzzle together, turned into a deep and abiding love between these two?  They’ve gone from a sibling-like relationship to soul mates in about two hours worth of scenes.  That’s moving incredibly fast, even for the BnB.  Hold on to your last meal, readers, you may lose it if you continue read on:

Nick: So now we’re there. And I hope that you can feel that I love you.

Katie: (Sniffles)

Katie: (Sighs)

Nick: I’m sorry if I’ve upset you.

Katie: You haven’T. You haven’T. I-I think you just said that you love me, and I– I love you, too. You must know that. That’s why this baby is so precious, is so important to me, because–because it’s yours. It’s ours. It’s the one thing I have that we share, and– only we can’T.

Nick: But we have to. This baby’s not going away. You know that.

Katie: (Sighs) but what about everything else–

Nick: No, no, no, no. No “buts” about it. Listen to me. This child was conceived in the most magical moment. And this baby is gonna be amazing. This child is gonna be so special and bring so much joy into the world, because of love, because it was conceived in the deepest, most honest form of love, and that’s what he’ll know.

Katie: I hear what you’re saying, and I know it’s true, and to hear those words coming out of your mouth– they bring me so much joy. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that I would hear you say those things to me. I feel like I’m dreaming. But I know I’m not. I know I’m gonna have to wake up. This is just all so confusing. I-I don’t know what I’m allowed to feel. I don’t know if I’m allowed to be happy or excited. Help me, nick. Help me. Because a part of me hates myself for this.

And then there’s this:

Katie: You’ve pledged your life to bridget.

Nick: I have.

Katie: And she deserves all of you.

Nick: She deserves to have the best of me, and if I can’t give her that–

Katie: You’re happy with her. I know. I’ve seen you together.

Nick: We are.

Katie: (Sighs) this is just so complicated.

The reason it would be hard for Bridget to have the ‘best’ of Nick is that there is no ‘BEST” of Nick.  There’s bad… worse… and what a freakin’ waste of human DNA (even fictional DNA)

The writers are still skimming the surface with this guy.  All of his emotions are shallow. He wants to be Ridge Forrester and possess all Ridge has (including his family’s company, the woman he loves, his children).  He’s just met Katie, and suddenly he’s deeply in love with her, to the point of denying Bridget – a woman he’s known and ‘loved’ for years.  The mother of his first child.  He mourned his dead child (Nicole) – in his words, but never mentioned her while in bed with the dead child’s grandmother shortly after Nicole was buried.  He loved Taylor more than he’d loved before, or so he led her to believe, and was back to chasing Brooke and leading a double life when it was revealed that hers was the donor of the egg used to conceive his child with Taylor.

Easy to see how the man made it to the top of the Manwhore list.  When does it END!?!?!?

If the BnB ever returns to what made daytime great there has to be some focus on the way the Marone family uses sex as a way of life.  Jackie explained that ‘pride’ made her turn to prostitution to raise her child, instead of working or going on welfare.  If Jackie was a woman with no skills and without an education, that might have made sense.  There has to be more to it.   I’m not sure if the devil in high heels is Jackie, whose DNA flows through the pants-dropper’s veins, or if it’s about Nick spewing of the insta-love-and-destiny bullcrap as a way of excusing his actions.  SHE! did it.  SHE! made him fall in love – that’s why he continues to betray the women who’ve loved him and given him their full hearts. 


Whatever it is this mother-son have in common, it’s hurtful and painful to the people around them.  They’ve spent more time justifying their sexually inappropriate behaviors (too numerous to name for non BnB viewers) than trying to understand them.  The superficiality is killing both characters, Nick more quickly than Jackie, obviously.

Sooner or later, writers will have to explain to fans what the point is of keeping Nick around.  Nick will surely drop trou for the next Logan-Forrester woman he spends five minutes alone with – it’s his nature.  What else is there for him to do?  The character has never fit in on canvas and every time the show was redirected (characters’ histories changed, couples’ histories changed, the show’s focus changed) to shoehorn him in, it resulted in a disaster in the ratings. 

I’d only thought I lost my patience with this character, before.  I KNOW I have now.  He’s on an endless loop of one night stands, and impregnating the show’s cast.   There’s nothing left to see here, writers.  Nothing left to see.  <sigh>

One thought on “The devil (in high heels) made him do it

  1. Hi Norrth… I know this is not exactly the issue in your topic, but I just have to say………..

    I just have to laugh at the blindness behind the KT-Hate-Posts, I don’t know, but if one was to go out and buy a book without going directly to the last chapter and reading the way it ends, I think that the story would compell them.

    Take a book and read it from cover to cover—

    about a woman who was always held in the shadows by a society that only focuses on the outer values of a person…

    this Woman finally finds love… one that circumstances won’t allow to develope and she carries this yearning deep within her heart.

    She is mocked for having these feelings, being that she was never even considered capable or being taken seriously.

    She is the perfect babysitter, the perfect listener, the perfect girl-friday… but the receiver of true love is for all around her but a joke, ridiculous, unheard of, entirely wishful thinking.

    This woman knows that she has this social role, that she has nurtured her morality, to never be the loose and free-wild type of person, she would have enjoyed being.. just once.. only to know that she is desirable in the eyes of a very eligible man.

    Her childhood demonstrates a long line of social disfunction. Her sisters have moved from gutter rat to rich gutter rats by means of selling their bodies, their souls and their small content of integrity to the sexual drives of their victims. Wealthy established men, who have social status and life partners.

    She defiles this and would rather sit back, being an alone goer through life… working toward her goals as would anyone who wasn’t born with silver spoon in mouth.

    She watches how her sisters, destroy families in their greed, how they give their desirable bodies to the highest bidder.. only to have that which they envied in others to whom it came naturaly… and she despises being put into that social catagory… low-life, up-stepper, gold-digger, madam and mistress………. she wishes she could be like them silently in her dark corner of the world… but can not bring herself to the challenge… would I be just as accepted as they? I am not as pretty, I haven’t got their assets… no, better be the church mouse than to risk the further ridicule in the face of a superficial world.
    She carries within her a death sentence, has the chance for an encounter, one which she has always longed for…

    In trying to bring decency into the family, she plans to stop one of her sisters from playing with the hearts of two men. She intrudes upon her niece to re-examine her chances of love with one of the men… one her mother has stolen from her twice.. she endeavors to bring the constant orgial encounters between her sister and these two men to a halt…

    She succeeds.. but then circumstances lead her to realize that she was too quick in planing.. because she discovered that the man that she has searched for in her most intimate dreams, is the man that she has coupled with her niece.

    She denies herself her hearts desire… she struggles with her own morality, knowing that she is yearning for him to desire her as much as she does him… and he does… he is but trapped within a realm of intrigue and desperation to which effect ties his hands behind his back… not allowing for him to explore these butterflies in his stomach every time this woman enters the room.

    Then in a tragic moment, this woman is seriously injured, her life hangs upon a thread and she is lost in dilirium… lost…..

    Through the selfless act of her brother, she has the chance to live, she is devastated and can not accept his gift of love and his cowardess act in fear. She awakes to hear of his death.. the plans to have him cremated.. and she lies there in her ICU-room and wonders if she was worth it all… the ugly duckling… the lost cause… the morality in a family of pure disrespect for all that is socially acceptable…

    Will her living make anything right? She doesn’t believe so. She hasn’t even the peace and quiet to ponder upon the harsh reality that is now her life. Everyday, every minute, is someone telling her to fight, to be grateful, to accept this gift of love, from a coward, from a freak, from a attempted murderer and in her compassion for morality, she is conflicted.

    Then, she does accept this… all of it… never sure that she will every be in the position to love and be loved, to carry a child, to celebrate a 50th birthday.. uncertain, but determined to try… and at her next birthday, she is forced to celebrate although it isn’t exactly what she wished.

    Her world shatters once again… she learns on that evening that she will die. That her gift of love is being rejected and that her days on this earth are numbered… and she wonders why she became this gift in the first place. Why she and not another who is more deserving of it… one who is loved by many and not looked down upon as a pitiful hopeless spindel child… why…

    But her hardship does not end there, she is forced to live through the desires of all others… their guilty feelings… never having had taken her seriously, never having accepted that she was a beauty in her own rights.. with all force, they were going to give her all the wonderful things that she ever desired… not for her, but to releave the guilt that recked havoc within them.. knowing not how to say sorry, they chose to cover over this guilt and shower her with joy…

    Her prom-night is re-enacted… she is given the man of interest as a loan.. because, she should die happy. Knowing that she loves this man deeply, she tries to back out, but is rather that, backed into a corner… a bittersweet corner where she sought refuge, where she could be the prom queen, the sexy, intelligent and desirable woman she saw in her sisters year after year from her darkened place.

    And as she broke down to all emotion, he was there… gifted to her by her niece, smiling as the tropical sun beamed through his bond hair– making his blue eyes shine like pools of youth and desire…

    Her pain overtook her completely and as she shed her tears of reuful disappointment, he took her in his arms and told her that she was beautiful… that she deserved to be loved because she is desirable.. that if she does die in the next days, that she should know just how special she is…

    And then she gave herself to him, she bathed in his strength, in his reassurance, in his essence and in his reality… her reality, at last…

    Yes, now she could die… now she knows that she wasn’t ugly, that she wasn’t to be forever overlooked… that she was allowed to dream.. for on this one afternoon and evening… just days before she would die… Her Dream Came True………..

    If one was to read this story, from begining to end… and not as we here do… spoilers before the event that make our minds up for us… we too, would feel the compassion and when Katie cries… so would we… and when Katie regrets not regretting… we understand

    AND THAT MY FRIENDS is all possible, because Heather Tom is a magnificent performer…. she should be doing much more than B&B… she should be doing film and theater… because there are no spoilers.. and everyone will watch as one reads a book properly… to the end of the story, without prejudice and contempt.

    Thank you for reading!

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