Why the BnB remains my favorite soap

There are three things you can count on with The Bold and The Beautiful:

1.  Anyone close to death (their own or that of someone they care about)  will also be incredibly horny and will feel the ‘need’ to have sex before death occurs.  It’s post the death-that-never-happen sex that usually produces a child.  Fans are still waiting to find out where Taylor’s post-death-that-never-happened child is.  She seems to be the only person who has escaped the happening.  Or has she?

2.  If there’s a dying and/or vulnerable woman, Nick Marone is going to boink her for all he’s worth – which is not much.  It’s what he does. 

  • Felicia Forrester?  Cancer patient.
  • Brooke Logan?  Suicidal
  • Taylor Hayes?  Recovering from alcohol addiction
  • Bridget Forrester?  Broken heart
  • Katie Logan?  Dying heart transplant patient.

3.  This show manages to mangle and mash the concepts of God, character’s sexual behavior, and ‘heavenly blessings’ more than any other soap in the history of daytime.  I don’t know what guilt complexes the writers have about the show they bring to air, but I could probably own Trump towers if I had a dollar for each time a character referenced God or some blessed miracle event.  God, in the soap world,  blesses them with someone else’s husband/wife, supports their betrayals of spouses and children, kills off inconvenient babies in utero, and supports the creation of ‘love children’ with a spouse’s family member.  Daytime’s most salacious daytime show is also its most “religious”, and frankly, that creeps me out.

And still, for as much as I hate it, I love the soap too.

Overall, daytime writers and producers continue using the old soap titles, but produce shows that  have nothing to do with the shows we remember from the soap’s glory days. 

Daytime execs swap out beloved legacy characters in a heartbeat for younger, cheaper-to-pay, fashion models who are using the genre as a ‘stepping stone’.  Legacy characters, as the ultimate insult to fans, are sometimes used to introduce the newbies, before disappearing. Not The Bold and The Beautiful – for as much as BnB fans may hate the actions of some of their favorite legacy characters, at least they see them!

This show began with its core four (Susan Flannery’s Stephanie Douglas Forrester, Katherine Kelly Lang’s Brooke Logan (Forrester, Ronn Moss’s Ridge Forrester, John McCook’s Eric Forrester).  The core four continue to remain the show’s main attraction.

A for the rest of daytime, I barely recognize most of it.   Whatever happened to the old adage that you have to spend money to make it?  Fans are tired of stunt casting and stunt reappearances of beloved favorite legacy characters for short periods of time, often during sweeps (a la Genie Francis’ Laura Spencer, who’ll make another brief appearance soon). 

Spend the money on the sets – if one more person in Springfield/Peapack moves into Olivia’s hotel, I’m out of the GL fanbase.  I can’t take the dark walls and the ‘sameness’ of the rooms.  Learn a lesson from the YnR, which still has so many rich sets.  Why can’t soaps filmed in the same location share sets (remodeling them as needed whenever they’re used)?  Trade off?  Do SOMETHING people!

Spend the money on the actors and legacy characters we care about (Where the hell is Scott Bryce’s Craig Montgomery, ATWT?).

Spend the money and hire writers who aren’t bored, and stuck repeating their last best storylines, making daytime far too repetitve. 

Stop with the misogyny, the subtle racism, the homophobia. 

Stop killing off the characters we grew up loving, and giving us characters our children don’t want to watch.

Stop turning our favorite characters (even the remaining legacy characters) into morons when you want to introduce new characters — even the BnB is guilty of this problem, turning Brooke Logan into a fool for worthless men like Nick Marone, and Deacon Sharpe before him.

We don’t want stunts, explosions, possessions, and other storylines too hokey for even the Sci Fi channel to take seriously.  We want emotional investment and big payoffs, events that leave us talking long after the episode has aired.

Stop telling us how great your storylines are, either off screen through the soap mags, or onscreen by using the characters.  Write storylines we like and we’ll tell YOU that, by tuning in.  Every time you promise something great, and let us down, we stop believing you the next time you make an empty promise.

The Bold and The Beautiful doesn’t get it right, every time, but seeing familiar faces and having characters who are more often, than not, consistent,  is almost enough for me.


5 thoughts on “Why the BnB remains my favorite soap

  1. For your information Norrth, Deacon is NOT and NEVER has been worthless. He has a heart and he understands that he had hurt Bridget and gets he hurt Bridget. He loves Bridget (he always had)and Bridget could have had the happy life she always wanted if she hadn’t been so stupid and listend to her father who did NOT have her best interest at heart. He was brought on for BRIDGET. He’s her REAL TRUE LOVE. If Bridget would get her brain transplanted back into her head, she would see that. Unlike Nick the rapist he never gave Brooke a second look and it was Bridget he wanted. I know that some people can’t accept it and just hate that Deacon loves Bridget but they can’t get over themselves.
    Nick Marone is the one who is truly a worthless piece of human gabarge.

  2. Deacon loved Bridget? Hmmm … yes all the time he was boinking her mom, I’m sure he was thinking “Gosh I love Bridget sooooo much.” As I recall, he told Brooke he loved her!

    Deacon and Nick are characters cut from the same cloth … Brooke was involved with both losers and I have to agree with the blogger – she was dumbed down by the writers in doing so (and I say that as a non-Brooke fan).

    Of course, in the end … I still think Nick is far worse. Just a horrible character – who somehow the writers still are trying to sell as a good man. Yuck.

    As to the point of this blog … I stuck with BnB for a lot of years … but have finally given it up. With the Logan family taking over, I just cannot stand the show – because I cannot stand the Logan sisters (I had hope for Katie, but then she turned into a Stepford Wife for Nick and I couldn’t take anymore).

  3. I think everyone becomes a Stepford-something for Nick. Brooke’s own father and mother thinks of Nick as a ‘good man’ and I don’t get it. Sleep with my daughter and granddaughter (and within mere hours of one another) and the word ‘good’ doesn’t come to my mind. The man is a louse.

  4. From Brooke to Taylor to Bridget to Katie – Nick’s revolving door of women is sickening. They missed an opportunity for him to have a “real” romance with any one of them… it is too incestuous and any relationship he has now just seems gross and tainted. He’s become like Ridge used to be with his never-ending wife-swaps.

  5. It is my favorite American soap because it made me discover the beautiful and forceful actress named Susan Flannery. She has been an inspiration and heroine for me since I was 13 years old…..She kept me watching the mostly boring storylines of B&B….but also…must say…..if something REALLY bad I wouldn’t watch it but kept doing it anyway:-)

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