Live blogging the BnB – 8/8/08

What’s left to say?  Nick and Katie have me losing my lunch.

I’m feeling sorry for Ridge – and I’d rather see Stephanie pull the plug on ‘hornybear’ (thanks to the OB poster who gave Eric the nickname.

Update1:  It’s REALLY easy for your husband to tell you that your marriage is safe and the two of you can get through anything, when HE alone knows what you have to get through… Why couldn’t Nick just tell Bridget that he slept with her aunt and got her pregnant?  What a coward.

Update2:  Ridge unplugging Eric’s respirator would have made more sense, if the writers hadn’t wasted so much of this show focusing on Nick and his Aunt/mistress.  Now?  It just feels as if it’s coming out of nowhere.

EH!  RM did a magnificent job, and I loved the flashback clips.


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