Thanks for nuthin’ – GL writers/BnB’s Katie and Nick

Thanks for NUTHIN’, Guiding Light writers!

Daytime writers kill off another baby. Lovely.  Yes, fetal death is a part of real life AND reel life, but daytime makes a practice of killing off babies fans have grown attached to and want to see survive.  It’s almost too predictable.  If you impregnate your daughter-in-law who already has children with your son (Beth and Alan), if you impregnate your mother-in-law (BnB’s Brooke and Deacon), if you become pregnate from a one night stand with a psychologically or morally unstable person while married (GH’s Jason and Elizabeth) that kid is definitely going to live!  Two people in love have the same chance as a snowball in hell.  It’s not to say that it won’t happen, but don’t count on it.  Daytime seems to have killed off far more child that it’s let live, and Max/Clayton is just the latest casualty in daytime writers war on long term planning and moving their shows into the future.

Where does this leave the writers, now that they’ve killed off Ava and Remy’s child?  What drama is there now that they’ve disposed of the ‘inconvenient’ little one?  What about the bad blood between Little Max/Clayton’s two dads?  What’s left for them to fight about now that Max is gone?  Everything they fight about now will seem small and petty and more about their egos than anything to do with the dead child -and while Remy and Bill are more than capable of pettiness, I’m not up for watching it happen when the writers prolong this storyline over ‘nothing’.

Bill Lewis is not a classic ‘villain’, but he’s not a good guy, either. Bill’s anti-hero status would have made the storyline even MORE interesting. It’s too easy to root for the good guy over a villain, but how about fans being torn between good guy (Remy) and an anti-hero (Bill)?

Would Remy truly have more claim just because he’s the biological father? SHOULD he have more claim? It’s just possible that Remy loves the child because of Ava and becuase he thinks he should ‘win’ Max/Clayton as a way of forcing a family with Ava. Would that make him a good guy, still?

Both men could have come to some realization about who they were and what Max meant to each of them.

  • Would either win or would a third party surprise them both?
  • Would one sacrifice his rights to make sure Max wasn’t tugged and pulled in a court case?
  • What happens if they realize that Ava loves them both and wants neither of them including the baby?
  • Would the losing father ‘gaslight’ the father who did win custody, to try to get ‘his’ son back?
  • Would Bill have continued his marriage of convenience to Ava, slowly finding a way to ‘pay her back’ by causing her to lose custody of Max and maybe her freedom? (locked in a mental ward?  set up for a prison sentence?)

Dinah testifying against her brother in a custody case could have set off a corporate battle between them that weakened both, allowing Alan to swoop take over again. Alan regains his fortune and reverts back to type, going after the Lewises, because of Bill.

Alan and Beth (maybe with a return from Phillip) take on Josh, Billy, Bill, and Vanessa.

All from one little custody case, featuring one little baby who was connected to more than half of the families in Springfield. 

Even if Max/Clayton stayed off screen until the next big storyline he’s needed, it’s not like it hasn’t happened to tons of other Springfield children, including Bill Lewis, who is now a central character on the show.  Good going there!

Thanks for NUTHIN’ Katie and Nick

You know, when you get your wife’s aunt pregnant, it’s pretty much common practice to be more upset about betraying your wife than your aunt (by marriage)/mistress is – I’m just sayin’.  At least, that’s what I’ve heard.  It would seem reasonable to be upset.  If your name is Nick Marone, not so much.  You tend to believe that your aunt/mistress’ child is a gift from above and the product of a truly beautiful night of love and passion, made as she lay dying from a heart transplant rejection.  I know, I know, it happens in even the best of families.

If there was to be any hope for Nick, he and Katie needed to trade places in their dialogue after the pregnancy reveal.  Katie is sickened that she’s betrayed Bridget.  She wishes she could forget that evening, she sees everything that happened in such a negative light.  Nick’s response?  He’s confused.  Why is she so upset?  In fact:

Nick: I see. So are you saying that you wish that it never would have happened?

Katie: Yes.

Nick: Well, I guess I feel differently about that day.

W.T. F.  Does this guy get warm fuzzies when he thinks about what happened?  I’m convinced that Nick is either a sociopath – with a mind warped by peeping in on his mother’s sessions with her Johns, or he’s redefined the word ‘insensitive’, or he’s just damned crazy.  He goes on to try to legitimize the betrayal of the woman who loves him heart and soul by saying:

Nick: Let me remind you of a few things. First off, bridget and i were not engaged.

Take THAT, Bridget!  Sure.  She was living with him, sleeping with him, helping him  raise HIS son with HER mother.  How dare she expect fidelity from him!  How dare she expect him to tell her he’d slept with her aunt before they married!  That Bridget… she’s so difficult and so demanded.  She wants, like, the truth – she’s just that twisted.

The only thing that doesn’t ring true is that it’s Katie spewing this dialogue and not Nick.  Bridget forgave him for running out on her the day after she buried their child.  She forgave him for marrying her mother.  She forgave him for using her while he was still married to her mother.  She forgave him for stealing her father’s company.  There’s a theme running here.  Bridget really should figure out that there’s no point in going back for more with that man. He’ll give it to you when you do.  He’ll give it to your mother, your aunt, your sister, your sister-in-law, strangers on the street… yeah.. not good.

As much as I hate the Nick/Katie pairing, Heather Tom put her Emmy face and completely rocked her scenes.  I didn’t think I could stand to watch the show, knowing what was coming, but Heather Tom’s performance made it all worth it.   If ever I wanted to be sympathetic to Katie, THIS was the day.  In the end, however, I just couldn’t feel it for her.  Anything that resembled human emotion left the moment she stopped speaking and Nick spent more of his time worrying about her and the ‘love’ they shared that created yet another child, with yet another of his wife’s famliy members. That’s when Katie should have realized what kind of man Nick really is.   You can never count on the writers to let any woman on this show call Nick out for anything he does and while that’s true of all males on the BnB, Nick Marone tends to put women through a special kind of hell.

They smile, accept it, and beg him for more.  At some point, the guy HAS to be held accountable.

Thanks to TVMegasite and Restless-Passions for the transcripts.


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