GL and The BnB: Heal Thyselves


After ranting that Jeffrey was too much of an enabler and that I wanted him to be a true partner to Reva, Josh has just reminded me why Jeffrey is the better man, hands down.  I’ll stand by that statement until the writers decide to turn Jeffrey into a Reva obsessed stalker. <sigh>  Don’t give me that look.  You know it’s coming.  At some point the writers will decide to put JEVA back together, and Jeffrey will be ruined, the man Reva has to be saved FROM, in order to make Josh her hero.  Too bad.

Joshua Lewis has to be the most preternaturally stupid man in daytime, and that’s saying something.  Have you SEEN ATWT’s Brad Snyder?  Josh thinks that having a child with Cassie is a good idea?  Even if Reva wasn’t an issue for him, having tangled with “the good son”, Will, should be enough to get him to consider what kind of bad seed Cassie has to offer. 

Josh, the MINISTER, didn’t understand the nature of the therapist’s questions?  The man has counseled how many others?  How could he not recognize the fact that something is definitely wrong when a couple is planning to have a child to give them ‘something to focus on’?  Are you kidding me? What other sage pieces of advice does Rev. Josh have to offer:

“It’s a myth, you can’t get someone pregnant the FIRST time”

“Spending your salary on lottery tickets is much better than investing in a 401k”

“Inverting your lucky socks will make it snow hard enough to cause a snow day.”

Any of the above works just a well as “Having a baby saves a bad marriage”.

Even worse, the man who takes pride in counseling others tries to convince his wife that therapists only string you along to get you to pay to come back. Right.  Only there’s no way Josh would support a couple with his and Cassie’s problems in their quest to drag a child into their dysfunction.  Josh may want to give up his ministry and start with a little self-healing.

Tell me, I can take it.  Was Josh always this self-deluded?  Have I been kidding myself about the man all these years?  My mother always told me that I was a fool for a pretty face.  I hate it when she’s right.  


I’ve read enough fan comments to know that some think that Brooke has ‘betrayed’ her sister and that she’s turned on Donna for Ridge’s sake.  That idea ignores the fact that Brooke is a pretty tough businesswoman in her own right.  I knew Donna was in trouble when Brooke admitted that she was the one who encouraged Ridge to make his move.  The idea that she’s working at Ridge’s behest demeans Brooke, and it gives her too much credit for blowing the Logan family apart.

The Logan family is already fractured enough that Katie is in love with her niece’s husband, and Donna plotted against her niece Bridget, on her wedding day, to try to give Katie the edge in stealing the man away.  Listening to Donna moaning about familial disloyalty is a little like listening to Sheila Carter complain about gratuitous violence.

I don’t see Brooke ‘turning’ on her sister.  I see her as a woman who has every bit as much invested in FC as Eric, Ridge, or anyone else -maybe more since she’s on record as having developed some of the most profitable lines in FC history.

To watch FC, and her children’s futures, go up in flames wouldn’t make sense.  Brooke is becoming the tough CEO she once was, the woman who kept FC at the top of its game and gave it greater standing in the international community. 

Between the Logans and the Forresters, business often comes first.  This is no different from any other time there’s been a power struggle between the two families.  Donna will give as good as she gets, at least for a while, I’m sure.   She’s already behaving as if she’s earned her place in the company.  She already sees herself as protecting her rights and those of her son.  Her months old marriage to Eric gives her that right, I guess.  Oh, that’s right. She has Eric’s support.

Brooke and Ridge tried using reason to get Eric to see what was happening with the company and to get him to step down.  Those fools!  They should have offered the man a lifetime supply of Viagra.  He’d have had that office cleared out in a half hour (you know, if he was real).

ATWT writers vs… THEMSELVES!

I’ve been trying to catch up on As The World Turns.  Much of it is watchable, even if it bears not even the slightest resemblance to the As The World Turns I use to love.  Douglas Marland spoiled me, when it comes to As the World Turns.  I compare almost everything that happened during ATWTs’ golden Marland era to what I’m watching now.  Remember Duncan and Jessica’s fear that Lucinda would stop doing business with Duncan once she found out about their interracial romance?  Remember how Jessica fought her growing attraction to Duncan and that despite their concerns about how other Oakdalians would respond, as Duncan kept pushing?

Lucy loved them and wished them well, while best bud Lisa Hughes turned on them.   I didn’t see it coming.  It was brilliant.  We were all challenged to face our own ideas about interracial couples.  I rooted for Jess and Duncan, I loved them. I was shocked by the response of some of my fellow soapers (heartbroken, actually) but most fans were like me and cheered them on.  Daytime writers spent a lot of time building up interracial couples during that time, and spent far less time getting rid of them.  I applaud shows that take a chance on doing something different – pushing the envelope and challenging our ideas about what ‘normality’ means.  While ABC is the ‘social issues’ network in daytime, it’s ATWTs that leads the way in challenging social conventions on the CBS network.  What I wouldn’t give to hire a team that would give the show more balance.

ATWTs feels like two different shows. There’s the sadly absurd half of the show – Decker, helping law enforcement?  An expert witness?  The storyline would have been better off played as straight camp – complete with laugh track.  Can you imagine his history coming up in court?  I applauded the writers for keeping Susan Stewart true to character and allowing her to  express her total revulsion at the sight of him.  Susan has never been the ‘forgive and forget’ type so it’s no a surprise that she hasn’t welcomed him back with open arms.  It was also no surprise that she threw all of his misdeeds back in his face.  Love her. 

There’s also the realistic and tender side of As The World Turns. It’s found in the several other plots, including the love story of Luke and Noah.  I’ve been trying to find my equilibrium since the writers opened up the issue of Luke’s sexuality.  Luke has always been a dear character, in my book.  He is, after all, the son of Damiangodofallmen Grimaldi – I remember Damian as he was, not the loser of a guy the writers transformed him into. With Luke’s coming out, I was fearfully sure the writers would take the same path with him that most daytime writers have taken with almost every other character who’s come out of the closet.  Hank Elliot.

WHO, you ask?  Exactly:

Hank was just one of the ‘tragic’ gay characters either killed off by TPTB of daytime, or sent away to deal with some tragic circumstance that hastened his exit from the show.  The word ‘tragic’ is in quotes because earlier gay characters in daytime rarely left for greener pastures.  There was almost always some emergency that required them to relocate to a new location.   Yes, even the much respected and treasured Douglas Marland fell prey to creating an AIDS storyline that centered around the only gay character on screen.

When I look at the difference between Hank Elliot’s storyline  and Luke’s I am amazed.  There’s such a sensitivity and care about developing Luke and Noah as people, not just ‘gay young adults’. For veteran soap viewers like myself, this is the gradual unfolding of a love story, the kind soap writers were once capable of penning.   For other soap viewers, this storyline is at a standstill.  Luke and Noah aren’t moving as quickly as other daytime couples. For me, it’s the fast moving couples that are the problem, but I understand the frustration.  There have to be questions about why the writers have taken more time to advance this couple:

1.  Is it because they’re still young? The answer to that question will be found in the Parker and Liberty relationship.  Like father, like son; like mother, like daughter.  Parker and Liberty have already shared a little kissing and groping.   If they become intimate, or anything close to it, that will make it clear that the writers aren’t concerned about Luke’s and Noah’s ages. They’re significantly older.   While we’re here, writers, I’d appreciate if you slow Parker and Liberty down just a tad – or a lot. 

2.  The writers still believe in a good old-fashioned romance?  Two words for you: Jack – Janet.  Considering the fact that Jack has been watching Janet work like a mad fiend to get Brad into bed from the moment she hit town, it’s amazing to me that he could fall into bed with her so quickly himself.  Surely Jack’s forgotten the G man’s rules of self righteousness.   Oh that’s right, the rules are for other people.  Carry on!  Jack and Janet know more about one another’s working parts than either of their physicians does.  Add Holden and Carly’s affair and I’m going to have to believe that good old fashioned romance isn’t what’s delaying the writers on the Luke and Noah score.

3. Is there are greater sensitivity to Loah/Nuke becuase they’re sexual minorities and the writers are afraid of advancing stereotypes?  I think it’s possible that there’s some merit to this one.  The writers have not only kept the storyline around, but have found ways to deepen the commitment the two have for one another.  Maybe it’s a combination of both 2 and 3. 

Luke, via the writers,  has made me as proud as if he were my own son.  He’s compassionate (something he gets from the REAL Damian).  He also has a steely resolve that’s served Noah well as Noah tends to seek out self-destructive behaviors (the marriage that never should have been, his need to please his father, is attempt to enlist as a way of running from Luke and his father’s death- not because he believes in what he’s doing).

Luke is like any other great romantic partner who falls for someone who is broken and has been hurt, and can’t stop putting himself in jeopardy. Luke is a bit like his other father, Holden (the irony of Luke having two fathers and being the best of both of them).  Holden spent much of his time standing back and aching for Lily.  Lily, on the other hand, did everything she could to push Holden away for a good part of their early relationship. She chose actions that ultimately ended up hurting her, and often fell for men she could never commit to in the long run.  Holden made his share of mistakes, and he made a ton of them, but still he waited.  I see Luke and Noah as a young Holden and Lily… I know, not exactly comforting, given where Holden and Lily are in their relationship.

Many fans believe that the best explanation for the “Nuke slow burn” is that the writers are cowardly.  I think they’ve shown an amazing amount of courage, so far.  I think this is a storyline that, like the Jessica and Duncan storyline, is challenging the audience to open a new discussion about what ‘different’ means.  Jessica and Duncan weren’t the end of soap civilization.  Noah and Luke won’t be the end, either.  Both couples have added to the diversification of daytime television.  I only wish the writers would do as good a job giving us a slow build to every other couple on screen,  rather than throwing them together and leaving the audience puzzled about why they should care.

Lord help the mister…

who comes between me my sister,

and lord help the sister,

who comes between me and my man!

The Bold and the Beautiful, One Life to Live, Guiding Light, and As The World Turns.  What do they have in common?  Vengeance and betrayal – fanfreakintastic!

The Bold and The Beautiful – Felicia Forrester has been one of the most sexually liberated and unapologetic women in daytime.  She doesn’t boast about her sexual conquests, much, but she doesn’t shy away from them either.  How many soap vixens remember, as fond times, dancing on tables in nightclubs while continent hopping?  Even still it’s not hard to believe that she’d have a hard time accepting a woman who seduced her brother AND her father in the same ‘little kitty’ lingerie.  Sex is recreational for Felicia.  It’s a weapon in Donna’s hands.   I get it, but c’mon, Felicia, you think Donna is a golddigging tramp on top of everything else?  You’re setting her up to be unfaithful to your father and then plan to hit him with the evidence of her infidelity?  Evil, pure evil.  Remind me to send a Christmas card to the writers! 

Is she a hypocrite?  Well, yeah she is but this is daytime, who isn’t? It will be interesting to see what Owen has up his sleeves – other than finely sculpted, beautifully toned arms.  My guess is that he chickens out now, and ends up falling for Donna and sleeping with her, later. Oh sweet irony.  It’ll be when he genuinely feels something for Donna that he’ll end up costing her everything.  Either way, Felicia takes Donna down, and I can’t say that I’m unhappy about it.  I am a little freaked out that Felicia feels that it’s her duty to reunite her aging parents (see the live blog of today’s BnB that follows this blog).

One Life to Live –  Tess is truly a “take no prisoners” character, D.I.D. aside.  She prefers to kill them off instead.  OUCH! Clearly nothing is left of the sainted Jessica.  She would never have allowed Tess to cut the brakes on Natalie’s car.  It’s that Tess showed no concern for Viki after finding out that she’d climbed into Nat’s car  that was even more frightening than the first time Tess appeared.  Does anyone else remember how early Tess rolled with glee on the kitchen table when Viki was carted off to the hospital – suffering from a heart attack?  THAT Tess is back.  Not only did she not show a moment’s concern for Viki’s safety, knowing that Viki is careening down the highway unable to stop the car, she immediately moved to ‘Plan B’. 

If she wasn’t going to get to enjoy learning that Natalie and Jared had died in a fiery crash as she planned, she’d take care of them another way.  She’d feed them a poisoined meal, all while waiting for Viki’s unlikely return.  How could they believe she’d so quickly forgiven them for killing her husband?

I take it back Felicia Forrester, you’re just a spoiled brat.  TESS is evil, or angry, or delusional, or all of the above.  She’s switched from grieving wife and mother to population control specialist in the matter of a couple of weeks.  Uh, scary!

Guiding Light – Will someone tell me why the writers think that it’s entertaining to watch teens with raging hormones turn on everything and everyone who’s ever loved them?  OLTL’s Starr Manning is tough enough to take.  Now GL’s “Daisy” is defending the man who killed her cousin, Tammy Winslow.  “G” was hired to ‘scare’ Tammy’s lover, Jonathan (who was also Tammy’s first cousin – don’t ask if you weren’t watching, I still can’t figure out all of the multiple connections).  Tammy pushed Jonathan out of the way and ended up losing her life.

GOOD NEWS!   It turns out that “G” is really, REALLY sorry.  Case closed.  Tammy’s already dead, so what’s the ‘diff’? (If your name is Daisy).  Sending “G” to prison won’t bring her back and besides, “G” makes her sooooooo feel good.   So far, emotional trainwreck that she is, Daisy has stolen food and money for “G”, is fighting with her grandmother, and has just walked away for her family for him.  She ‘find a place to live’ she says – as she’s visiting “G” in jail.  Just guessing, but he won’t be able to offer her the use of his cot.  Good luck there, Daisy.

If you’re not a Guiding Light viewer, then it won’t surprise you to learn that Daisy is lonely.  Her current boyfriend is on the run with her mother.  Her mother is protecting him from being prosecuted for shooting Springfield’s District Attorney.  Good times. Good times.  And great choices!  Methinks Daisy travels with her own Greek Chorus!

So… when writers SORAS characters, why can’t they skip the teen years?  Hells bells, I think most of us get enough teen drama and trauma at home.   Daisy, like Tess, has become a population control specialist, albeit in a slightly different manner.  She makes the case for using infallible birth control.  I never thought I’d say this, but it may not be a good idea for the Cooper clan to continue procreating.

As The World Turns –  Well, Carly fought the good fight – but Holden is a manwhore, dontcha’ know? (see blog below on “Daytime’s Greatest Manwhores”).  She had no choice but to give in.  That man was going to follow her to the ends of the earth to prove that fidelity is for the little people, HE is Holden Snyder.  This is the man who had an illicit affair in a Church bell tower, with the wife he’s CURRENTLY cheating on – when she was married to someone else.  The question is, how badly will Carly have to pay for this one?  Holden won’t pay. He rarely ever does.  Lily can be a bit of a dirty fighter when she wants to be so Carly may be in real trouble this time.

Lily fans will excoriate me when I say it, I’m sure, but if there’s to be bloodshed, I’m hoping it won’t be Carly’s!  Either Holden is going to have to pay the price, or Lily.  YES, I said it, LILY!   At some point Lily is going to have to ‘woman up’ and realize that she continues to return to a man whose pants are most likely held together by velcro to help enhance the ‘rip away’ effect when he tears off his pants with each new affair.

I’m not blaming the wife.  I’m blaming the couple – Holden AND Lily for playing out this tiring psychodrama year after year, partner after partner. 

EH!  Don’t get me wrong, I think Carly is behaving like a bit of a doof to allow Holden to put her in this position (fighting. urge. to. avoid. bad. pun.).   I only fault Carly for thinking she’ll be a ‘special mistress’ to Holden.  He’s a troubled, troubled man.  Each mistress is special, until the next one comes along.

By the way, honorable mention  for the ‘help the sister’ award goes to Margo Hughes!  I blogged about Margo’s behavior a few days ago but thought  that this is one case in which a picture truly is worth a thousand words – and possibly worth 25 to life.  When you seduce and become pregnant by Margo’s husband, you probably don’t want to make the foolish mistake of becoming sexually involved with her son just a few years later.  The woman is a cop and carries a gun, for pity’s sake!  If you are that stupid, Emily, don’t have sex with her son, in her home, AND get caught:


Live blogging the BnB – 7/16/08

Whoa there!  Donna deserves credit.  She realizes that the Forrester sibs aren’t the reason she and Eric are facing such ugly press.  WTG, writers. 

BTW, does anyone believe Eric is secure enough to have a hot young man work as his new wife’s ‘personal assistant’?

And Owen?  “somebody sweet”?  Dude, you have so much to learn!

Update 1:  Felicia sounds a bit like an addict, doesn’t she?  “I need this Owen, I really need this!”

Update 2:  How long has Felicia been wearing that dress now?  Owen in his suit, Donna in her outfit?  Those clothes should be able to walk on their own by now!

Update 3: Not a bad day, but I have a feeling this will drag out a while.  What does the wife of a major fashion house look like, btw?

Daytime’s greatest manwhores

From the title, you’ve probably realized that if you’re easily offended, this is not the “blog – column” entry for you. If you’ve chosen to keep reading, then also keep in mind that the title is misleading in two ways.

First, by adding ‘man’ to the title, it almost makes it seem as if the manwhore behavior is somehow different from their female colleagues who are beaten up mercilessly criticized for being a little free with the lovin’. It’s not; same behavior, different genders. The title ‘manwhore’ is just very ‘Deuce Bigalow’.

Second, when I use the word ‘daytime’, I’m obviously not including all of the great daytime manwhores through the ages. That would include the likes of The Frame brothers, of Another World Fame, and all their male kin. Putting the Frames on the list would leave little room for the rest of the contemporary ‘greats’ of daytime. For that reason I couldn’t including the Aldens (of Loving Fame), Jake McKinnon or Cass Winthrop (Another World), any many others.

Here’s my countdown of the current top ten daytime manwhores (your list may vary):

10. A tie! I couldn’t decide if the tenth spot should go to old school manwhore Bob Hughes or old school manwhore Johnny-Boy Dixon (As The World Turns). What makes Bob a bad boy? Well, Bob slept with sisters Kim and Jennifer and impregnated both women around the same time. Jennifer, as you may remember was the mother of Frannie Hughes, While Kim also gave birth to a baby girl, later named Sabrina.

Kim was lead to believe, by John Dixon, that her daughter had died. Instead, John gave Kim’s child up for adoption and Sabrina ended up being raised in England. It was during a trip to Europe when a young woman who could have passed for Frannie’s twin was encountered and the full story came to light. Oddly enough, by that time, Jennifer had passed away and Bob and Kim were married (though he’d been married to her best friend Lisa Hughes Grimaldi in between).

Not only did Bob and John get around, but their love lives were inextricably linked as they loved, and fought for, some of the same women. Bob made a habit of sleeping with the women his current wives called ‘friend’. John made a habit of getting almost every woman how loved him pregnant (including Kim). Friends, Enemies, Brothers in manwhoredom. If there’s a woman over fifty that either of these men has slept with or had a child with, it’s only because they’re related to her – by blood, otherwise? She’s fair game.

9. Stefano Dimera, Days of Our Lives. It’s no surprise that Joe Mascolo so easily alternated between his role on Days of Our Lives and shipping magnate Massimo Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful! Stefano’s left a woman with child in every port. I’ve lost track of Stefano’s children, there are so many of them. My guess is that there are two phrases Stefano isn’t use to hearing: “No” and “Birth Control”

8. Josh Lewis, Guiding Light.. If she’s a day away from a strait jacket, Josh has had sex with her (excluding my beloved diva, Reva, of course.). If she’s hours away from a strait jacket, he’s married her. To Josh’s credit, he’s not an indiscriminate manwhore. He tends to love every woman he’s with… and with… and with… until it’s time for her to be institutionalized, or jailed. Yeah, he’s that kind of manwhore. It’s probably a safe bet that Josh is on some prison pen pal list.

7, 6, 5. If his name is Snyder, he’s a male whore! No one intermarries like the Snyder boys. Angel Lang dated and fell in love with Caleb (or Cable, if you prefer). Followed him to Oakdale where she met and ended up falling for Holden Snyder, though she eventually fell in love with and married senior brother Seth Snyder, finding something that resembles happiness with him. Holden fell for Lily first, though Lily later fell for Caleb. Even Sainted Seth fell for Sabrina and Frannie (yes, THAT Sabrina and Frannie) and slept with Betsy Stewart Montgomery – a close family friend).

Holden Snyder, however, tops the list on his own. He’s picked up where John Dixon left off. I was convinced that when John dated Holden’s mother Emma that there would be a revelation that John was Holden’s biological father. It would explain so much. If John was going to populate half the town, by soap god, Holden was going to do his best to populate the other half! Holden, besides the children he shares with is current wife (including the child they lost to miscarriage) has had children with his brother Caleb’s wife, Julie, and with Molly, the cousin of his current love interest – Carly Tenney Snyder. (She’s the ex of his cousin, Jack). Did you follow all of that? I think it’s fair to ask, “ Has Holden’s zipper EVER been in the upright position?”

No one drops trou in anger, like our farm boy, Holden Snyder.

By the way, Jack Snyder? Brad Snyder? Good job on catching up with your Snyder cousins in such a short period, and by ‘good’ I mean, W.T.F.?

4. Patrick Drake, General Hospital. If it had a pulse and was capable of smiling in his direction, Patrick was there! Not even his abs of steel could stop fans from wondering if Patrick prescribed his own penicillin, or was he just somehow lucky enough to have not contracted anything more serious than the common cold. Bravo to Robin for getting Patrick to realize that most men are capable of thinking more clearly with their pants on. Most men anyway, that brings us to:

3. Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital – What’s left to say? If she’s new in town she’ll either end up sleeping with Sonny, OR sleep with him AND carry his child (assuming she hasn’t at some point in her past). No woman escapes her GH destiny. It would be nice if Sonny’s winkie gave off a hum or a beep as warning – you know, like the caution beep you hear just before a truck backs over you and leaves you for dead. Same principle.

2. Nick Marone, The Bold and the Beautiful. A mother (while she’s depressed and suicidal), a daughter (who’s lonely), the mother – again, after the death of his child with the daughter, then the mother AND daughter in 24 hours. You can add two of their female relatives, and that he’s working on a third, even though he’s back with ‘the daughter’. GH’s Patrick Drake may want to consider writing a prescription for Nick Marone. We were introduced to Nick as, literally, a sailor with a woman in every port (hence the link to DOOL’s Stefano/BnB’s Massimo. You can take the sailor off the high seas, but you can’t make him stop humping everything that crosses his path. Oh well.

1. Top dog, Eric Forrester, The Bold and The Beautiful. A little old school manwhore, a little new school manwhore. Eric has not only slept with a mother and TWO of her daughters, he’s done it over two decades. Eric doesn’t have to jump quickly for fear of not finding a woman in a vulnerable enough place as Nick Marone does.

What makes Eric top of the list (and bottom of the barrel) is that he’s kept his wife on a string the entire time – loving her for her behavior when he’s not in lust with another woman, condemning his wife for the same behaviors when he’s in lust with someone else. He’s become so obsessed with the objects of his desire, that he’s lost his family’s security and futures by allowing his current love to take over his family’s company just to keep her close.

Age? Not an issue. Younger or older, Eric loves them all, as long as they’re not his wife of more than 40 years, Stephanie Forrester – but hells bells, he’ll love even her in the ‘down time’ between affairs.

What makes him the manwhore extraordinaire? You mean besides all of the above? Eric demands fidelity from his current wives that he’s not likely to give to any woman he claims to love. The guy has stones!

What have we learned? First, that most of the male whoredom takes place on CBS soaps. Second, that it must be ‘soap genetic’ since it’s a trait that tends to run in soap families. Third, that daytime women are out of their minds. Who’d want any of these men!?!?!

Special thanks to CBS and Soap Digest for the photos!

GH – Robin Scorpio, Welcome Home

What’s that, you say?  Robin has been home for years now?  No, dear readers, only Robin’s body has been showing up on screen every day.  The REAL Robin Scorprio is finally back home and she’s now part of ABC’s bid to become the Anti-SoapFather network.  OLTL’s Starr Manning has told her ‘baby’s daddy’ that he’s treating her fetus as if it’s HIS family.  Now GH’s Robin is actively fighting to take away Patrick’s right to see his child because he was unsure of being a father in the first place, something he told her he wasn’t ready for, long before she became pregnant.

The Robin who’s given Patrick hell over seeing his child?  THAT’S the real Robin, as far as I’m concerned.  Is Robin treating Patrick’s fears about becoming a father as a personal rejection?  Most likely.  It’s in Robin’s history, and her nature, to do so.  Robin has a sordid history when it comes to infants and their fathers.

Some of you may recall that Robin revealed the truth about Michael Corinthos’ paternity when he was just an infant.  Why?  According to Robin, it’s because she felt that AJ had the right to know that HE, not his brother Jason, was Michael’s biological father.  That would have made sense and not seemed so self-deluding if the scenes just before Robin’s ‘attack of conscience’ weren’t of her and Carly arguing about who should raise Michael.  Robin felt that she and Jason were best suited to care for him, since they were a couple and weren’t as ammoral as Carly – yes, despite Jason’s role as a mob hitman.

Carly, being Carly, scoffed at the idea and taunted Robin by telling her that Jason would also be bonded to the two of them (Carly and Michael) and that there was nothing she could do about it.   Carly was wrong, Robin’s next move was to call Aj.  She effectively made sure that Jason could not and would not be Michael’s father.  If she couldn’t have Jason and Michael to herself, there would be no need for Jason to raise that child.

That was the day I began to despise Robin and didn’t care if she ever graced the screen again, until Patrick!  For me, Robin hadn’t redeemed herself, Patrick made her tolerable.  That poor, dumb, hot-as-hell, bastard!  If only he’d known about Robin’s past – or at least known the full story.   I know that many GH fans have fond memories of Robin as a child, but she lost her ‘cute quotient’ for me shortly after she began dating Jason.  The shrill, self-righteous, moralizing woman some of you see now, as she attempts to cut Patrick out of his child’s life, is the Robin I’ve been annoyed by for years to come.

Believe it or not, I’m glad the issue was resolved without a court ruling,  and that Patrick and Robin found their way back to one another.  I like Patrick, and not just because he has abs you can eat off of, but because he’s honest -even if you don’t like hearing what he has to say.  What a rarity for daytime males.  I also like Patrick because he’s not afraid of saying to Robin what others have been either too afraid to say or too reverent and all-worshipping to say to her – she’s a pain in the ass who sits in judgment of others far too often!  I like Patrick because as much as I don’t want to, he gives me a reason to want to like Robin again.  Well done, Patrick, well done.

Live Blogging the BnB – 7/11/08

I was actually touched by the moment shared between Brooke and Bridget.  It was lovely. 

Too bad it was followed up by the scenes between Jackie and Donna.  Isn’t it interesting how hard each woman fought against being considered the ‘wrong woman’ for Eric, but believe they have the right to view Bridget as ‘wrong’ for Nick.  He’s unworthy of Bridget.  They have it backwards.

Stephen Logan?  Idiot.  Given the fact that he ran out on his family when his children were young, I can understand why he doesn’t realize how shabbily Nick has treated the women in his family but C’mon, dude.  He slept with your daughter and granddaughter in the same 24 hour period and shattered Bridget to pieces.  Writers, less gushing.  You haven’t convinced us of Nick’s ‘greatness’, yet.  You never will, especially with this writing.

Update 1:  Katie at the altar with Bridget and Nick?  HOW is that a gift for Katie?  The problem with BnB characters is that they’re so badly drawn that you don’t know if they’re being kind or deceptive and cruel (Bridget) or whether they’re being strong or stupid (Katie).  Given the fact that Bridget doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, I’m sure it was meant as a kind gesture.  It’s just a dumb one.