Live Blogging the BnB/OLTL – July 25, 2008

OLTL blog:  Thank YOU David Vickers!  Every David scene is worth TWICE the time spent viewing it.  Odd, Nora (you know, who loves the law and all) doesn’t have a problem with bribery?  Clint!  Pa would be proud!

Blair/John…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  One morose character is enough.  Take your pick, writers.

Update 1:  Todd wants forgiveness.. got it… this isn’t the way to get it.  I miss the mischievious Todd.  Antisocial Todd is a bit too scary.

Tell the truth, Todd, PLEASE, tell the truth (what an unexpected surprise from the writers if that happens).

Uh, Addie and Charlie?  I like it.  That could be interesting.  Will Charlie violate the rules of AA?  Wow, what an uncomfortable situation he’s been placed in.  I actually feel sorry for the character.  Charlie finally does the right thing and it will still land him in hot water.

Brody?  Why do I love him so much!  He could go either way… Todd Manning or Rex Balsom.  “Gigi Marasco’… what a pleasant surprise.  She’s really coming into her own as a character!

Update 2. Why do I love Dorian, even when she’s behaving badly?  Dorian and Brody?  Nah!  That would be too much!

Dorian keeping her promise to Mel (beloved Mel)?  NO!  I can’t believe it (rather, I’ll believe it when I see it!)  There could be hope for her afterall… SHE DID IT!  Sorta…. she didn’t tell the whole truth.  There’s “some” hope for her afterall.  Good, I don’t think I could take a completely redeemed Dorian.

Update 3.  Love the Viki/Dorian clips.  Thanks for that, PTB.

Update 4.  Such great comedic writing for Dorian, such great timing.  Love the throw away line about her being ‘fine’ as Charlie rushed to Viki’s side, not asking Dorian how she felt.

Another reason Starr and Cole are ‘squicky’.  Their parents/parental figures on both sides are a little too close for comfort.   Has there ever been a time that Blair didn’t heal her broken heart by being with another man?  When has that ever worked out for her?

 BnB Blog

My 13 year old niece watched ‘In Plain Sight’ with me.  She watched the younger sister flirt with Mary’s boyfriend.  Her reaction?  “She’s nasty”.   No, she’s not a soap fan.  Watching Beth Logan smile at Nick and Katie made me think of that.  If that was my family, my mother wouldn’t be smiling.  Gotta’ love soap characters’ reactions.

Update 1.  Why does Ridge allow Nick near Hope?  Why would Katie WANT Nick to be in love with her?  Aye ye ye.

Update 2.  Bridget is the most NORMAL child Eric has.  It’s interesting that she feels inferior to the rest.  Great parenting, Eric.

I could really enjoy the tenderness between Bridget and Nick if it weren’t for the Katie scenes earlier.

Update 3. YIKES!  Donna almost won me over for a second with the question about whether Eric’s children love him.  The Owen reveal?  Big WHOOP! Brandon Beemer?  HAWT!  What a great choice for the role of Owen.  Why hasn’t he fallen for Bridget, yet?

Is this supposed to be a replay of when Brooke took over the company?  It PALES in comparison!  Brooke earned the company with hard work and sheer brilliance.  Donna slimed her way into Eric’s bed.   Not hard to do there, chica, Eric is a sleaze bag.

BTW, what does Owen do for a living again?  What makes him qualified to help run FC?

Update 4.  So everyone pays for Felicia’s actions?  How does that make sense?  After Donna’s treatment of Thorne – taking a suicidal man and making him thing that he had sex with her while passed out, trying to turn him against his own mother?  I’m just not sympathetic to the woman in this case.

She failed as a model because she didn’t understand the fashion world, HOW can she make it as a CEO?  Yeah, her comatose ‘honeybear’ is gonna love it that she’s proven his children right with her actions.  Nothing says ‘love’ like letting your husband wake up to the fact that his children have been disinherited (thanks to his stupidity) and have be ousted from the family business.

Update 5.  No fun, today, how about a blast from the past? Remember when Stephanie knew the truth?  Remember when she warned Taylor that Ridge would never give her his whole heart?  She was right, THEN:

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