Men without balls – The YnR Edition

Victor and Nikki

If I compiled even a short list of men without balls in daytime,  it would far exceed that of the manwhore list I compiled earlier.  What’s happened on The Young and The Restless?  Victor was once a tough competitor in business and a man who trampled anyone who got in his way.  He became the stuff of legend.  Men who would rather be roasted on an open spit ALIVE- before admitting to watching soaps, acknowledged loving Victor.  He made you want to hate him and cheer him on at the same time.

Now?  He’s a real jerk.  What is it about this man that makes him think it’s ok to keep going eyeball-to-eyeball with Nikki and attack her?  She said what she needed to say to him, and took his abuse in return.  She walked away.  Was there a reason the writers had him watch her move around the room and then approach her yet again to demean her?  Have the writers forgotten that MOST of the viewing audience is female?  Do they really think women find it appealing to have to put up with a man who ruminates on the last angry thing he said, and then tracks you down to take another angry swipe?  It’s makes Victor look petty, and mean… and dangerous.

He’s no longer a heroic “anti-hero”.  He’s just a bad game of quarters or some other drinking game.

1.  Take a drink every time Victor tells his wife what a loser she is.

2.  Take a drink every time Victor tells Nikki that she’d be nothing without him.  Drink twice if he reminds her she was just a stripper riding a pole before he met her.

3.  Take a drink every time Victor says ‘no one disrespects Victor Newman and gets away with it.

4.  Take a drink every time Victor refers to himself in third person.

For some daytime couples, there’s an angry banter that shows a passion shared between them that far exceeds any feeling they have for any other person (GL’s Josh and Reva, BnB’s Brooke and Ridge, GH’s Sonny and Carly).  The ‘banter’ between Victor and Nikki isn’t exactly banter.  It’s verbal abuse.  Rarely does Nikki get to step up and defend herself.  Victor demeans her, Nikki takes it.  The writers allow her to remain pretty much speechless and embarrassed.

Just once I’d love to see Nikki give Victor a good right cross, maybe a round house kick, or if we HAVE to be socially appropriate – maybe she could remind Victor that given the number of wives he’s driven away, it’s about time he realized that the problem isn’t the women who’ve come and gone, but the bastard they left behind.

I’m now sorry that Sabrina will be killed off, and not because I give a damn about the character, I don’t.  I’d have never written the character in, she never served any real point.  I’m sorry to see her go because it’s just one more opportunity for Victor to play the martryr and for him to remind everyone of how they ‘disrespected him by disrespecting the woman he loves’ (oh, and take a drink).

David, David, and David…

Riddle me this, whacked writers, if David Chow was a hit man running from his past, why the hell would he have chosen such a public profession?   This turn of storyline rates right up there with the thinking anyone cares about the snooze inducing Cane and Lily – who are such a sorry couple they have me rooting for Chloe.  The Chow storyline rates up there with the daily balladeering of that 13 year old kid (adorable, but I can’t take another tune), the completely uninteresting death of Ji Min, and Victor impregnating a woman after TWO vasectomies.  Yeah, yeah, I brought it up before, but it’s always worth it to stick it to the writers who can’t seem to remember even the major plot lines 

This show may as well be renamed ‘Fantasy Island’.

2 thoughts on “Men without balls – The YnR Edition

  1. thank you some one else that doesn’t like the little princess,i am pulling for chloe too.I can’t stand little miss perfect and hope chloe causes her a lot of problem.

  2. If by ‘a lot of problems’ you mean that Chloe causes Lily to leave town, I’m with you all the way! I love bad guy/girl characters, but often root for the good guys/girls to win over them… not so much with Lily. I can’t find anything I like about her… nothing.

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