Update: GL, GH, and ATWT: Disappointed, sorta’.

ATWT: Jack/Carly/Holden/Lily

These four have me realizing that “The Jungle Book’ is highly underrated.  There’s something to be said for having your children raised by wild animals – which, as it turns out, are better parents than any of these four.  I wanted to be proud of Luke for defending his mother and standing up to his father.  To some degree I was.  In other ways, I was completely disgusted, and not with Luke, but with Holden and Lily.  How much more of this kid’s life are they going to steal from him?  How much more pain will be inflicted on their younger children, who’ll have to take over for him when Luke realizes that he’s being leaned on a little too heavily?   Faith, Natalie, Evan?  Pay attention.  Learn from what’s happening now.  If past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, your lives won’t be getting any easier.

Luke’s life should be filled with finding his own love and happiness, with thinking about his own future, with trying to figure out if HE wants to become a parent.  Why should he spend his life parenting his mother and father?  It’s outrageous.  Faith has already been traumatized, faced low self-esteem, an eating disorder, feelings of abandonment, and so much more.  What is she, 13?

I could feel some sympathy for Lily, if it weren’t for the fact that this is almost a replay of the Holden and Julia situation – minus the psychotic lover, and with much more depth.  With Julia, Holden decided that his life with Lily was intolerable.  He needed someone new, someone who made him feel good about himself, someone Jack had loved and lived with, first (HOT DAMN!  I think there’s a pattern here!).  He walked away from his family in record time.  He’s effectively done it again.

Luke and Faith are back to square one.  Only this time the betrayal is much deeper because the woman Holden has chosen is family.  I wish Luke and Faith were the kind of kids who could tell their parents to ‘flake off’ and “grow up”.  Luke, most definitely won’t.   He’ll watch his parents’ imploding psychodrama play out, he’ll protect and defend Lily, even though she hasn’t protected and defended him by giving him a father who can keep his pants up long enough to remember his children.  The writers can’t envision Luke any other way.  SADNESS!  Natalie and Evan, so far, seem to be unscathed, but then again, disruption and upheaval are all they’ve ever known.  Great parenting there!

Jack.  Oh, JACK!  You pain in the ass, you.  I have a love – hate relationship with this character.  I love him, yes -even now, because I know what he CAN be, what he has been in the past.  Jack is a man who loves whole heart and can be an incredibly likable romantic partner, when given the chance by the writers to do something other than parent his wife (uh, EX-Wife) and condemn her for almost everything she’s ever done.  Was it not the height of irony for Jack to condemn Carly to Janet (and that’s ‘Janet’, even if you’re nasty)?  Janet’s heat seeker has been trained on Brad since BEFORE she hit town.  She’s been using her daughter to get close to him and to try to break up his marriage.  Well, at least Jack has found his kindred. Do one thing, say another!  What is it with asshat men in daytime who believe they’ve found ‘better’, when at best they’ve found ‘the same’, and in Jack’s case (Julia, Julia, and Janet) he’s found worse!

Brad had to give Parker the talk that his father, Jack, was too busy verbally abusing his mother, and boinking his cousin-girlfriend’s mother to give.  Brad, I’m convinced, is the only father in daytime who seems to think that dating IN the family is wrong, even if you’re adopted into it.  Let’s hope the writers of The Bold and The Beautiful and The Days of Our Lives were watching!

General Hospital

Let’s just say you’re ok with the idea that Carly is protecting her family by keeping Sonny out of her life, and keeping Kate away from Jax.  CLAUDIA?  Carly believes that Claudia is psychotic and dangerous and she wants Claudia and Sonny together?  What happens if Sonny somehow gets custody of the boys in the future?  Carly is no stranger to jail and mental institutions.  A psychotic father AND a psychotic stepmother?  Well, good going there, Carly.  That’s one wise and well thought out plan.  Bless her little heart.  I love Carly, but I’d also love the character, and her to-die-for hair, just as much if she was just a little less impulsive.   Carly has just made a deal with the devil (who also has to-die-for hair), and I think it’ll be her children who’ll end up having hell to pay.  It’s definitely the mirror image narcissism getting to our girl that has her believing that Claudia is an idea choice for Sonny.

Begrudgingly, I have to give a nod to the writers when they have the ‘two Carlys’ on screen together.  Laura Wright, in a prior interview, commented that she’s always loved Sarah Brown’s iteration of Carly and that she hoped that SB liked what she did with the character.   Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, I think that Laura Wright and Sarah Brown are the best of General Hospital.  If they swapped out roles every year just to make it interesting, I’d be on board.  Both give each character they’ve portrayed real heat and fire.  As awful as it would be to make these two women onscreen friends/partners-in-crime due to the unprecedented carnage they’d leave behind  (if the writing holds true to form), I’d love to see it happen. 

GH is in position to push two strong, independent, and powerful women as the show’s lead mischief makers.  In the past, those roles have gone to men like Luke Spencer, Scotty Baldwin, Sonny Corinthos, and Jason Morgan Quartermaine.  Why not Carly and Claudia?   Yes, yes… Michael’s shooting, but won’t THAT make for great drama, down the line?

Update (Guiding Light):  Jeffrey goes to Cassie to tell her that ‘G’ is free, he had to let him go.  This is the man accused of running down and killing Cassie’s daughter.  What is it that Cassie focuses on?  The possiblity of losing Josh now that Reva is a ‘free woman’.  Just as Holden has developed a pattern of loving the women Jack loved first, have Reva’s ex’s become Cassie’s obsession? 

(Knock on door)

Cassie: Come on in. Hi. What’s going on?

Jeffrey: Grady foley was released from jail. The drug charges were dropped.

Cassie: Why?

Jeffrey: Well, it’s a long story, but he’s going to get what’s coming to him. I couldn’t keep him in custody, so I wanted to come over here and tell you.

Cassie: Well, thank you for telling me. You want some coffee?

Jeffrey: Is josh here?

Cassie: No. I don’t think he’ll be back for a while.

Jeffrey: Went to the wedding?

Cassie: Probably. He said he’s had enough of the whole movie thing, but I’m pretty sure he’s there. We had kind of a rough day.

Jeffrey: Mmm, I’m sorry.

Cassie: Well, it wasn’t anything terrible like a breakup.

Jeffrey: So you had a fight?

Cassie: It wasn’t a fight. It was a non-fight, which is worse. You know when you think you’re never going to run out of things to say to somebody and then one day…

Jeffrey: You’ll be fine.

Cassie: We should go.

Jeffrey: Where?

Cassie: To the wedding.

Jeffrey: What for?

Cassie: You can’t tell me that things are going to fine with josh when he is with reva, who apparently is a free woman right now, with dozens of people running around just trying to recreate their most romantic moment in their life.

Jeffrey: It’s for a movie, cassie. For a meaningless movie.

Cassie: Meaningless? If it were meaningless, that’s what they would have called the damn thing. Instead it’s called always.

Jeffrey: So what are you going to do? You’re going to go and drag josh out of there?

Cassie: If I have to.

Jeffrey: And then what? More non-fighting?

Cassie: I don’t know, okay? I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Jeffrey: If you care about what you have with this guy, then you have to trust him, you know? I mean, what will happen will happen. We can’t change their feelings.

Cassie: That’s easy for you to say. Josh and I aren’t over yet. I mean, josh and I aren’t over.

                                    Special Thanks to TVMegasite for the transcript

Your daughter’s killer should hit your radar a bit harder than having a child with your sister’s ex or tracking him down. I think that news like ‘hey, had to let your daughter’s killer go free’ deserves more of a response than ‘hey, want some coffeee”?  Then again, that’s me, I’m a little odd that way.

One thought on “Update: GL, GH, and ATWT: Disappointed, sorta’.

  1. I’ll tell you what I find very disappointing and confusing at the same time is how the writers of ATWT can have such a gold mine in such talented actors as Ellen Dolan and Scott Holmes and still only use them as secondary characters in a story lines. Are they CRAZY ? Those two have delivered some fantasic scenes this year why not showcase them in a major story line.

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