Live blogging the BnB – 7/16/08

Whoa there!  Donna deserves credit.  She realizes that the Forrester sibs aren’t the reason she and Eric are facing such ugly press.  WTG, writers. 

BTW, does anyone believe Eric is secure enough to have a hot young man work as his new wife’s ‘personal assistant’?

And Owen?  “somebody sweet”?  Dude, you have so much to learn!

Update 1:  Felicia sounds a bit like an addict, doesn’t she?  “I need this Owen, I really need this!”

Update 2:  How long has Felicia been wearing that dress now?  Owen in his suit, Donna in her outfit?  Those clothes should be able to walk on their own by now!

Update 3: Not a bad day, but I have a feeling this will drag out a while.  What does the wife of a major fashion house look like, btw?

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