Live Blogging the BnB – 7/11/08

I was actually touched by the moment shared between Brooke and Bridget.  It was lovely. 

Too bad it was followed up by the scenes between Jackie and Donna.  Isn’t it interesting how hard each woman fought against being considered the ‘wrong woman’ for Eric, but believe they have the right to view Bridget as ‘wrong’ for Nick.  He’s unworthy of Bridget.  They have it backwards.

Stephen Logan?  Idiot.  Given the fact that he ran out on his family when his children were young, I can understand why he doesn’t realize how shabbily Nick has treated the women in his family but C’mon, dude.  He slept with your daughter and granddaughter in the same 24 hour period and shattered Bridget to pieces.  Writers, less gushing.  You haven’t convinced us of Nick’s ‘greatness’, yet.  You never will, especially with this writing.

Update 1:  Katie at the altar with Bridget and Nick?  HOW is that a gift for Katie?  The problem with BnB characters is that they’re so badly drawn that you don’t know if they’re being kind or deceptive and cruel (Bridget) or whether they’re being strong or stupid (Katie).  Given the fact that Bridget doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, I’m sure it was meant as a kind gesture.  It’s just a dumb one.


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