Live Blogging the BnB – 7/11/08

I was actually touched by the moment shared between Brooke and Bridget.  It was lovely. 

Too bad it was followed up by the scenes between Jackie and Donna.  Isn’t it interesting how hard each woman fought against being considered the ‘wrong woman’ for Eric, but believe they have the right to view Bridget as ‘wrong’ for Nick.  He’s unworthy of Bridget.  They have it backwards.

Stephen Logan?  Idiot.  Given the fact that he ran out on his family when his children were young, I can understand why he doesn’t realize how shabbily Nick has treated the women in his family but C’mon, dude.  He slept with your daughter and granddaughter in the same 24 hour period and shattered Bridget to pieces.  Writers, less gushing.  You haven’t convinced us of Nick’s ‘greatness’, yet.  You never will, especially with this writing.

Update 1:  Katie at the altar with Bridget and Nick?  HOW is that a gift for Katie?  The problem with BnB characters is that they’re so badly drawn that you don’t know if they’re being kind or deceptive and cruel (Bridget) or whether they’re being strong or stupid (Katie).  Given the fact that Bridget doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, I’m sure it was meant as a kind gesture.  It’s just a dumb one.

OLTL/GL/ATWT – Where are the adults?

I can’t be alone in thinking that OLTL’s Starr is SCREWED, and royally so.  Not only is she a pregnant teen, but everyone around her is pretending that her pregnancy has led her to develop some heightened sense of maturity that gives great weight to every post-pregnancy decision she makes.  Where the hell are the adults around her?  What are they thinking?  She hasn’t made a good decision since the night BEFORE she got pregnant!  She also hasn’t gotten more mature, everyone else has gotten DUMBER, they’ve lost their sense of maturity.  It’s clear to me that Starr’s desire to have Marcie raise her child is nothing more than her attempt to get back at her father, and she’s aiding Marcie in her insanity to do the same. 

Yup, I cringed a little when Starr told Cole that he was behaving just like her father.  Really, Starr?  Cole just wants to raise his child, his last blood relative (or so he thinks).  Starr is telling him that he’s acting as if the child is HIS family.  Apparently, she skipped health class AND biology.  The child IS his family.  Not just because of the DNA, but because Cole wants him.  It’s not like Cole is living on the streets and doesn’t have a job.  He’d have Nora, the Buchanans, a trust fund topped by the Buchanan bank roll, a freakin’ mansion to raise the kid in, and full staff.  He’s emotionally committed to raising the child.  Emotional maturity would be great, but at his age?  Not likely, it’s why the willing and able adults around Cole are so important.

Marcie, who left her husband bleeding in the streets so that she could hang on to a child she was ordered to surrender, would make the better parent?  Marcie, who slips into such a desperate state that she would take hostages and hold even her ‘friends’ at gunpoint?  Well, yes, that makes sense to me.  No wait, I lied, it doesn’t.  Marcie’s, Starr’s, and Blair’s emotional states concern me more than Cole’s.

That anyone would accept Starr’s assertion that she ‘owes’ the McBains a child because Todd ‘took’ theirs stuns me.  I’m not a fan of believing that biology is king, it’s certainly not destiny, but Todd nearly died, twice, for that child.  He never gave him up, he wanted him and loved him.   To believe that one child can replace another is madness, and the unhealthy logic of a teenaged girl without a lot of good guidance.  Blair threatens to take down a 16 year old boy who is only trying to protect HIS child, but no warning to Marcie about using Starr as a weapon against Todd?  C’mon, writers, you were doing such a good job at making the women of your show brilliant.  Don’t “dumb” Blair down, now!  She’s not acting in her child’s best interest.  Why?  Is it guilt?  Shame for having aided Starr in viewing her relationship with Cole as ‘Star-Crossed’ (no pun intended) and helping her sneak around with Cole?  Give us some reason to not view Blair as still being M.I.A. in her child’s life.

Sure, they all get to ‘stick it’ to Todd, but at this child’s expense?  At Cole’s expense?  If having a child mattered, Marcie would have gone the route of an international adoption, or arranged another private adoption.  After everything that’s happened to her husband (yes, including being shot, left bleeding in the street), you would think that Marcie would put her family, FIRST.  Michael is her family, and he’s stood by her not matter what. 

That comment about Lindsey viewing Marcie as her ‘daughter’, and Marcie’s pride in that statement, are telling. I think we’re seeing an unstoppable transformation in this character.  Her life is increasingly about her, and her alone, and before it’s over, things will get worse.  In soap speak?  That means, hell YEAH, this is going to get good, even if you hate what the characters are doing!

As for Guiding Light, Olivia’s excuses for Ava’s deception boggle the mind.  At what point was it ok for Ava to have herself artificially inseminated just to pass the child off as Bill’s?  It would be easier to believe that she did it to give her dying mother the will to live, if she hadn’t been so happy rubbing Lizzie’s nose in her pregnancy.  What’s happened to soap parents?  I use to view ATWT’s Emma Snyder as exceedingly moralistic and hypocritical – she rarely used the same harsh words for her ammoral brood as she did for other ammoral citizens of Oakdale.  Now?  I wish there were more Emma Snyders. I love soap madness, but I happen to love soap madness that has context to it.  Too many soap parents have decided to aid and abet their children’s crossing over from the gray line, into total darkness.  Given Olivia’s past man troubles, it astonishes me that she doesn’t seem to want more for Ava – or at least more for Ava that’s not linked to selling herself out for a man.  It’s frightening to watch Olivia guide Ava down the same slippery path of desperation and destruction.  Let it go, already ladies, let it go.  Sooner or later, Bill will leave.  Isn’t Ava worth more to her mother than watching the kid sit around waiting for him to go?

Speaking of ATWT, Parker and Liberty.  While their fathers  (non WTers, Parker isn’t Jack’s biological child, but he is his son in every other way that counts) are alternately fighting and affirming their familial ties, these ‘kissing cousins’ are growing closer and given the amount of unsupervised time they spend alone, I’m fearful of another teen pregnancy storyline.  The one on OLTL is more than I can bear.   We don’t want to see either set of parents take things as far as Margo did when she caught Emily with Casey (Emily, mother of Casey’s brother, a child she fathered with Margo’s husband – only on soaps!).  There use to be a happy medium between completely acquiescing to your children’s desires, and completely controlling them so that they had no will of their own. 

We need more adults in daytime.  Too many characters are getting old, and not offering much as a result of it.  By the way, yesterday’s altercation between Margo and Emily, yesterday is a far cry from this moment between the two women: