OLTL Random Thoughts

OLTL fans, am I the only one thinking that David and Addie are much more suited and a much more entertaining pair than David and Dorian? I loved David and Dorian, but maybe there was just too much dysfunction going on there.  There’s something refreshing about the fact that Addie knows what David is, and she loves him for it.  She doesn’t need a partner in crime or someone to keep her secrets.  She simply loves him.  I’d like to see David realize that he has genuine feelings for Addie.  It’s unexpected, but they ‘work’, somehow.  Methinks in the end, Addie should hold on tight to David Vickers, the dog – not the man, because I’m sure the writers have dark days in store for her when it comes to David Vickers, the man – not the dog.

Psssst, writers, why not allow Addie to outsmart them all?  If the writers aren’t setting Addie up for a big fall, it’s possible that they’re setting us up for a huge surprise when we realize that David is right.  Addie isn’t mentally ill at all.  I have a feeling he’ll find out how just how sane she is when he claims his Buchanan inheritance and realizes that he married Addie without a prenup.  David Vickers, you dog!

What doesn’t work?  Nora’s attitude toward Lindsey.  Dial it back, you ass!  This storyline has me realizing that the reason I’ve tolerated Nora this long is that I still have residual warm feelings for Hillary B. Smith’s portrayal of Margo Hughes, during her days on ATWT.  Done.  All gone.  Nora is now a boil on the backside of humanity.  Thank you to the writers for having even young Matthew call her out on her obsession with Lindsey.  Seriously, did Lindsey steal Nora’s prom date?  She’s won over Lindsey at every turn, how can Nora still be so angry about the past?

When Nora believed that Marty was guilty of killing Spencer, she did everything she could to help Marty – the D.A., helping the accused…  Imagine that… That Spencer Truman was an evil bastard who sent an innocent man off to die, and tortured half the town, actually mattered  to Nora, then.  Spencer became a human being who deserved justice once she realized that Lindsey was the person who killed him.  Go away Nora, just go away.

By the way, what’s happened to Viki’s DID radar?  HOW could she miss the signs?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s missing out, we get more of Tess, but Tess isn’t exactly subtle.  Natalie and Jared are as dumb as stones, so I get it, they have no clue.  Viki has been down this road enough times to have at least wondered if the trauma of burying Nash would trigger a relapse for Jessica as it’s done for Viki so many times before.  I’d have rather had Viki pick up on Tess’ return and had Viki play Tess, while Tess playing everyone else. 

Just sayin’


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