Live blogging the BnB 7/10/08

Eric ‘always caring’ is worth what, exactly?  Nothing.

Update 1: W-T-FFFFFFFF????  TPTB freakin’ bought Stephanie a rocking chair while Eric is gets to get laid as often as he wants by his child bride?  What’s wrong with this picture????

Nick knows that Katie is hot for him and he’s sitting around shirtless and smoking cigars?  Interesting choice… only, not interesting.

Update 2:  Beemer… YEAH BABY!  Where is Ridge’s old speedo?  It’s time for that baby to come out of retirement.

Update 3: Donna threw a bash for ‘her husband’s daughter’?  Does Owen know that Bridget is also Donna’s niece?  Writers, if you’re embarrassed by the ‘gnarled tree branches’ of your shows family trees, STOP writing pseudo incest storylines.

Update 4:  Am… I…. crazy?  Brooke just promised that she wouldn’t sleep with Bridget’s husband, THIS TIME, and Bridget THANKED her?  Then Bridget told her that the pledge not to sleep with her husband, again, wasn’t necessary?  I… I don’t know what to say.

Update 5:  Thank the soapgods for commercials.  I’m still processing the Brooke-Bridget scene.  I wish I hadn’t eaten lunch before watching this show.  I’ll have to remember that before I live blog the next time.

Update 6:  Owen would be completely wasted on Donna.  He’s likable, she’s not.  Wouldn’t it be poetic to have Eric falling for Stephanie while Donna plays the dutiful wife? 

Bridget? Are you mad?  Nick isn’t worth a warm spit.  Quit singing his praises.

Should Katie be lifting a kid?  I wish the writers would figure out just how fragile Katie is.  They’re worried about her picking up the phone to call about wedding plans, but she can lug a toddler around with no problem?  Interesting!  Only not.

Update 7:  Oh I hate watching live. It always feels like my ears are paying tricks on me.  Did Brooke just say that Bridget gave Katie life, and that Katie was returning the favor? 

Well now, frail Katie playing basketball.  Yeah, the slow motion action shots and the (WTF is that music) grinding voice just add to the ‘excitement’ of the scene.

Is Bridget related to at least ONE person who doesn’t find the smell of a man she’s been with an aphrodisiac?  My skin is starting to crawl.

Last Update:  I’ve been enjoying the commercials.  I forgot that the show wasn’t coming back on.  WHEW! 

Don’t forget to check out the blog below this one.  It’s titled:  “The Aging and the Virile”


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