Live Blogging for the BnB – 7/7/08

Well, we know several things about Marcus from today’s episode:

1 – Dude can’t read… apparently doors marked ‘Models Dressing Room’ mean nothing

2 – When following behind another person, he has a strong penchant for running DOWN ramps as they’re running UP the stairs.

3 – All kidding aside, he and Steffy are as cute as June bugs!  I just posted, hours ago, in a prior blog that I wouldn’t let them suck me in.  I’m slipping.  They’re too cute together.  The writers?  Oh no, I fault the actors.  They’re the Brooke and Ridge of this generation.  ADORABLE!

Update:  It’s time for a murder mystery, a real mystery not cheesy plots like ‘Who Shot Stephanie?’.  I’m thinking that there should be some sort of serial killer on the loose.  Targets?  Katie and Jackie!   Perp?  Nick!   Three birds, one plot, sanity for the rest of us!

Is there any woman Jackie wouldn’t choose over Bridget?  Her mother, Brooke.  Then Taylor. Now Bridget’s Aunt Katie.  The only thing that makes sense of Jackie’s obsession with keeping Bridget away from Nick is wanting Bridget, herself.  Either way, Bridget loses.  Any emotion Jackie feels is a waste of time.

BnB questions I need answers to

1. If Bridget says that she ‘barely knows’ her grandmother and probably wouldn’t recognize her if she saw her again (or words to that effect), how did Hope so easily recognize “Grandma”?  Beth was around for much of Bridget childhood, including during her teen years when she stayed with Brooke to take care of Rick and Bridget while Brooke and Ridge were on their honeymoon.  Beth hasn’t been around, save a time or two, since Hope was an infant.  I didn’t find Hope’s encounter with Beth heartwarming.  I thought it was weird because I was distracted by Bridget’s earlier statements about Beth.

Does this mean that Hope won’t be calling Stephanie ‘Grandma’ any more?  Writers, I’d pay you for the chance to see Beth’s face the first time Hope calls her that.  Don’t do it for my sake, I wouldn’t pay you much, but I’d appreciate the gesture. 

Since it’s unlikely that Beth will have dementia she’ll most likely recover from her stroke, soon.  Nothing will give her greater motivation to get better than to be able to spend more time with Hope, to keep her away from Stephanie!  Clash of the titan Grannies?  BRING it!  (As long as they go after each other and keep Hope from their madness).

2.  Why hasn’t Eric yet demanded to know who Marcus’ father is and whether he’s still around?  Ya think that might be important when you find out your wife has a child she claims to have thought of every day, and never told you about?  Who was she afraid of talking about?  Him?  His father?  Does she think of Marcus’ father every day, too?

3.  Why hasn’t Marcus demanded to know his father?  How can Donna and the family who hates her so much be enough for him? He claimed that he wanted to know who he was, where he came from.  Knowing that his father never even knew of his existence isn’t enough for him to want to look him up and to try to establish some sort of relationship with him?  Shouldn’t Marcus be a little more sympathetic to his father, than his mother?

4.  Were Eric and Stephanie equal partners in F.O. which later bought back F.C.?  Were they equal partners with Ridge and Brooke?   In any case, how is it possible to kick her ‘out’ of the family business and install Donna just because she’s Eric’s latest bed mate?  The writers have never resolved the issue and it seems odd that everyone pretends that it doesn’t matter.

Stephanie is divorced from Eric, but that alone doesn’t make her an independent woman.  It would be so much nicer to see her as an independent woman, for once.  I’d love to see Stephanie at work.  If not at FC, why can’t Stephanie find something to do that makes her a power broker in her own right? 

5.  What have Clarke and Jackie been up to?  The last we’d seen, Jackie had stolen Eric’s designs and was low enough to take off with them knowing Stephanie had been shot and that the family was occupied with her near-murder.  Now that I’m not stuck covering JUST the BnB, maybe I tuned out on a day it was explained, but has Spectra-turned-“M” used the designs? 

No one has noticed that the designs are missing? 


6.  Will Bridget’s patient end up in the E.R. with an extended hospital stay, as she said?  The proposal from Nick was cute, until the point at which he hung up the phone.  It’s just like the writers to throw out that line to remind us that Bridget is a serious doctor who saves lives, and then trivializes it.   I’ll admit it, as much as I hate that prick, I smiled when he brought the various bouquets in for Bridget.  It’s too bad that writers didn’t have him do it AFTER they had Bridget win the case for her client with the insurance agency.

The only problem I have is that he’s just not good enough for her and he never will be. Not now, not ever!

7.  Does anyone believe in the ‘love story’ of any BnB couple any more?  They’re no longer just star-crossed lovers torn apart.  They’re tragic jokes.  I want to root for Steffy and Marcus as they grow closer, but what’s the point?  Their storyline will be as unintentionally comedic as every other ‘love story’ on this show.  I’m saving my emotional investment for OLTL’s Tessica, DOOL’s Bo and Hope (perennial favorites), and for GL’s Reva and Josh (because I’m such a sucker).  I know my emotional commitment be well invested there.

Most importantly?

8.  We know that Owen Knight mixes it up with Felicia and Donna, just a bit, but what about Bridget?  If anyone needs a (forgive me) “knight” in shining armor, it’s Bridget.  We don’t need Owen to ‘rescue’ Bridget, but to be there when Auntie Katie and Nick ruin her life again. 

Truthfully, it’s not all about Nick and Katie.  Bridget needs a fresh start.  She needs a man who, for now, doesn’t think that sleeping and loving through her family is kosher behavior.  Owen strikes me as the kind of man who doesn’t allow his little brain to drain all the blood from his big brain.  Bridget needs a man who can challenge her and one who doesn’t think that the Logan Clan is an in-house dating service.  Owen could be that man!  Katie can have Nick.