Damn you, OLTL writers! Damn you!

Damn you for keeping me tuned in when all I want any more is to walk away from my @#*!%#@$ soap habit.   Dangling all that soapy goodness in front of fans?  It’s like chocolate. You know too much of a good thing is bad for you, and yet you just can’t leave it alone. You bastards!  Fine! I knew something was up with Talia, I wasn’t sure what it was, but something didn’t sit right about the character. 

My first guess was that she was connected to Ramsey in some way.  His arrival was when I first became suspicious of her.  Now we know that she’s Carlo Hesser’s daughter?  CARLO HESSER!!! 

Are you kidding me?  Hand-in-glove, you devious S.O.B.’s!   The minute I saw her walk through that door and he looked at her, I knew… yeah, I’m a freakin’ genius, I know.  The Antonio-Talia dance in the diner was the first serious clue about how terrible Talia’s secret was, but WOW!  I may still be angry at you for your unwillingness to turn your brilliant attention to the wonderful Tessica and Nash, but ok.  WIth Talia and Carlo, I’m considering forgiving you… a little.

I can’t wait to see where this is going.  Emmy 2009 prediction #2.  OLTL brings home the ‘Best Writing’ Emmy, again!  OLTL is the only soap whose spoilers I won’t read.  Spoilers have become ‘early warning’ signals for me now.  I know which shows to avoid, and sometimes which days to avoid them.  I never want to miss a moment of this show.  You never know what’ll happen next.

The writers of OLTL have chucked the new soap axiom in favor of the axioms of the past.  They’ve chosen to ignore the mess daytime is in and have decided to:

1.  respect the show’s history.

2.  give fans as reason for tuning in (even though they ‘ve killed Nash and kept Jared… JARED!  Really, JARED!)

3.  stop treating the audience like idiots.  They’ve set aside the arrogance of daytime which seems to lead TIIC to believe that the fans need them more than daytime needs its fans.

Even though I hate much of what’s going on with Todd and Marty (zzzzzzzz), I still feel that the writers have moved this show forward in a way most other daytime shows have only dreamed of, so I have to believe that sooner or later they’ll correct the Todd situation too.

Surely the current writers know that Todd Manning was an abused child.  He was battered by a stepfather who was forced into raising him because his biological father, Victor Lord, wouldn’t raise him. 

Part 2:

Given that, and Todd’s progress since the character was first introduced, why the heavy hand it trying to get us to believe that the man who’d suffered such a horrendous childhood would begin pulling knives on teenaged kids, threatening to hurt them, and shove and smack around a young boy?  You’re better than that, Carlivati and team!  Make Cole miserable?  Yes.  Slap him around?  No. Not in a million years.  There are a number of people Todd would slap around, but he’s never shown a penchant for wanting to beat or threatening to kill young people.  

Even worse, Todd knows that Cole is in pain, missing a mother he believes is dead.  There’s just no way he’d keep Marty from Cole.  Dig down into that bag of classic soap tricks writers.  A subdural hematoma explains Todd’s behavior as of late?  Sure, I’m with you! Hemotomas, brain tumors, mentall ills, all have been used a thousand times before, but I’ll take it!  It’s worth it to have this situation put aside.  If Marcie can even consider a legal adoption after kidnapping and taking hostages, I’ll take whatever you throw out there to clear Todd’s not-so-good name.

Todd as a bad guy is worth every second of airtime.  Todd as inhuman?  Not so much!  If we’re going to do a come-back-from-the-dead deal, consider having Claudia in a similar role, storing ‘undead’ Nash away somewhere. Have her come back to town, end up revealing what she’s done, and make her and Todd the show’s Bonnie and Clyde.  Works for me.