Man Trouble

Daytime’s divas are in for a rough ride this summer.  True love?  Hardly.  More like a hell of a lot of fun, followed up by a  hell of a lot of heartache to make sure they pay for it.

As The World Turns – Yes, yes, Carly is the most evil bitch in daytime history.  She must be beaten down and it must be made clear that she is the harlot by which all other harlots are defined.  She’s the gold standard of harlotry.  The only problem is that I’ve given up waiting for the writers to realize that for many daytime fans,  Carly’s just ‘is’.  There’s no finger pointing on our end.  Ok, she’s lied and ‘tricked’ men into getting in bed with her.  She’s not always sure about the paternity of her children.  She’s abandoned her children to chase behind her jewel thief liar of a boyfriend.  She helped cover up  details about the death of a woman she hated.  What’s your point?  Everyone has a flaw or two!  I haven’t hated her for anything she’s done so far, why would I care that she sleeps with Holden ‘dumb-as-a-stone’ Snyder?

She’s been so use to being judged by the G-man that any man who shows her a little bit of kindness (and just a teeny bit of acceptance) is a man she gravitates to.  Rather than asking what makes Carly such a tramp, let’s hope fans are asking what makes Holden such a tramp.  Is there any guy in daytime who’s found more solace in the bed of another woman any time his feelings were hurt?  Julie, Julia, Angel, Emily, Rose (yeah yeah he didn’t know she wasn’t Lily) and now Carly.  Holden might want to consider picking up a hobby, instead of bedding half of Oakdale whenever Lily forgets to cut the crust off of his sandwiches.  Man up, Holden!

OLTL –  Readers of the old column know that I’ve been suspicious of the John-Blair connection.  It was clearly a chemistry test, a failed one, for my money, but I don’t think that will stop the writers from creating either a pairing with John and Blair, OR a triangle with Blair-John-Marty.  Blair will do that thing she always does. She throws Todd away for a man she thinks has feelings for her, and then ends up  with either a man who’s crazy (Spencer Truman) or one who is still too in love with someone else to ever fully commit to her (Max Holden).   She’ll have thrown away her family to support Starr’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ fantasy, punish Todd for being Todd, and she’ll get hot for Johnny McBain.  The result?  She’ll find out that Marty is alive and end up lying to keep John from finding out, or lose him without going through the Cramer Machinations that plague the women in her family.  John will be ‘torn’ for about a day between Marty (zzzzzzzzzzz) and Blair. 

He may even change out his signature black outifts for deep gray, in an act of utter confusion.  He’ll realize that he could finally have his dream of a family, with Marty, Cole, and baby Cole.   Blair will be out in the cold.  I can admit it, I’ll enjoy watching that happen, as long as the McBain-Thornhart (zzzzzzzzz) clan find happiness offscreen.

By the way writers, is it possible to make Marcie just a little less annoying?  I can’t even end the pain by muting her scenes any more.  How does Michael put up with her?  Less Marcie, and more David Vickers, the man with the six pack – not the dog, and more Clint-Nora-Bo-Nora. 

The Bold and The Beautiful:  Bridget… RUN!  Oh yes, I’ve seen the pictures.  There’s an upcoming Bridget-Nick wedding.  No.  No.  soapgod, NO.  I can only hope that despite the fact that Brandon Beemer’s initial scenes seem to be part of some plotline involving JG’s Donna, that he eventually meets AJ’s Bridget.  I’d appreciate it even more if it’s BEFORE his character becomes romantically involved with Bridget without having first slept with her aunt, mother, grandmother, or any other woman connected to her in any way.  A girl can dream.  As for Nick and Bridget, if history is repeating itself, I chosen not to stick around for it.  There are those of you, I’m sure, who are excited because you remember THIS Bridget and Nick, but the couple in the montage is long gone for me – I only see heartache in Bridget’s future: